336. Eat at Taipei (Closed)

It was an impromptu decision to dine there. We were attracted by the colourful signboards that spells all the famous food in Taiwan. This restaurant brings all your favourite Taiwan street snacks under one roof so you can have your fill of 鲁肉饭 and 炸鸡排 all satisfied. The restaurant was pretty empty at dinner time but it grew crowded as the rain got heavier outside.


It was kinda too much dough


They used 三层肉 instead of minced meat



My guess is both the duck noodles and sesame chicken noodles use the same noodles. They were dry and tasteless. I mean yes, they are supposed to be tasteless. But if you cook long enough in the broth, the noodles will be soaked with all the goodness of the broth. Furthermore, they were pretty much separated and not soft and sticky


Though the food all looks pretty presentable, the taste was a far cry from it. It didn’t bring back any memories from Taiwan which left us all pretty disappointed. I really missed the food in Taiwan after eating here. And after adding GST to the bill, the meal was simply just expensive, and not satisfying.

Eat at Taipei

Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Road, #01-43/44 S(059413)

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