338. Fukuichi Japanese Dining

I think I ate so much Japanese ever since I came back from Tokyo my friends were joking whether I really been to Japan. Fukuichi, located at a quiet corner of Triple One Somerset draws our visit one day. The interior is nothing fussy, just simple and underwhelming. The food, is pretty much a reflection.

Crabmeat Tofu

It can also be known as pitan tofu. The crabmeat is hidden inside the tofu which makes the overall texture a little harder. I prefer Tatsu’s pitan tofu though. The tofu is silkier and I like the roes that gave a dish a crunchier feeling

Marinated Baby Squid

The server said it’s a fairly popular and well-loved dish by the Japanese. To me, it felt like I was eating squid in soya sauce. So overwhelming salty and just, strange.

Seared Beef Roll

Well. It looks pretty. The mayo was too gelat. And I stopped at 2

Salmon Teriyaki

Forgettable, nothing to rave about

Ebi Tempura in Almond Flakes

This was a disappointment. I was expecting more from this beautiful plate of fried prawns. The almond was fairly tasteless and the prawns failed to bring out the sweetness. I just can’t place the two together.

We decided to order desserts cos the friend wanted icecream. Tried both their peach and coffee/cream gelato but sadly, they tasted something like what you can easily buy from ntuc. 😦

Maybe the hype for this restaurant brought my expectation just a little too high, which makes this meal even more disappointing. I shall continue to hunt for the next Japanese restaurant.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining

Triple One Somerset

111 Somerset Road #02-11/12 S(238164)

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