323. Restaurant Week: Table At 7 By Karl & Eugenia

Woke up with a red and swollen eye. BOO 😦 It hurts so much I can barely open them but I doubt it’s anything I ate last night. Okay nvm, I digress. Coming back to restaurant week, it can sometimes  be a love-hate situation. It’s good you can go to all these restaurants and try some of the best they offer, but sometimes their portion are so small and they might not offer their very best. In addition, the price you pay will probably won’t be as much as if you go there on any occasion. I realised this after going to so many series of restaurant week, yet I still fall prey to such marketing gimmick. HA. I’m totally a sucker for it.

I gotta say Table At 7 is good. One of the few restaurants I think it’s worth going to. I appreciate when restaurants are not that giam with their menu, meaning you are still able to make a choice. The cuisine here is kinda fusion, between European and Indonesian, which is pretty interesting cos you don’t really get to see this combination much.

A small, cozy and intimate setting

Starter: Carpaccio of Yellow Fin Tuna w Roasted Seaweed Dressing & Herb Mesclun

Fresh and light. A good start for an appetiser

Starter: Pan-seared 5 Spice Quail in Aromatic Reduction, Rocket & Pine Nuts, Kaffir Lime

This was amazing. Flavourful and cooked very well, so much you can’t tell it’s a quail.

Entree: Demitasse of Black Mussel Saffron Soup w Garlic Crostini

My first impression: Is this dessert? haha The soup came in a small cup and you dipped the crostini in it. Then you simply drink it like that. Feels strange drinking soup from a cup but that being said, the flavour was like a balance between mussels and mushrooms. It was delicious.

Main: Tender Slow Braised Wagyu Oxtail Rendang served with Fragrant Shallot Steamed Rice with Acar Vegetables

The wagyu was very tender. This dish makes me feel as if I was eating nasi lemak. The fragrance of the rice + rendang, though was nothing spectacular, the execution was done very well.

Main: Crispy Beer Roasted Suckling Pig w Smoked Bacon Sauerkraut, Rosemary Potatoes and Star Anise Jus

Might just die of cholesterol eating this. ha I was deciding the less sinful one between the 2 mains, but I guess both are equally as bad. The suckling pig was oh-my-goodness. The skin was so crispy, you can hear it while you are slicing it, and the meat was very tender.

Dessert: Warm Valrhona Chocolate Tart w Baileys Ice-cream

It’s like eating chocolate lava cake in a kueh pie tee crust. Very innovative. I can’t really tell it was Baileys ice cream though, spent half the time figuring it out but I decided to give up. haha Nevertheless, it was still a good dessert.

Generally pleased with the food here. Another place to add to the list of restaurants to the Robertson Quay/Mohammed Sultan Road area 🙂

Table At 7

7 Mohammed Sultan Road S(238957)

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