322. Burgers vs Wings + Bar

Here’s a new hunt. Introducing Burgers vs Wings + Bar (or BWB for short) located at the top of Orchard central. It’s an innovative concept where you get to decide whether the burgers or the wings take the stage. Though the place was fairly empty when we got there at 6pm, most of the tables were already reserved *inserts horror look* and the strange thing was by the time we left at 7pm, the tables were still empty. So that being said, they could have just given us the table right? Anyway the point is, please make reservations before you go. So subsequently I went back again and concluded that they really don’t know table management.

How strange #1-#9 are all burgers and #10-#18 are all wings. It felt like the poor wings never even won once. LOL

Round 1 (Ding Ding)

BWB Classic Heavyweight Burger

Angus Beef, Smoked Bacon, Sunny Side Up


Heavyweight Wings

The wings were really good! Deep fried very well, tender and juicy.

Even though the burger was good, but the wings were even better

Round 1 winner: Heavyweight Wings!

Round 2

Tyson Peanut Butter Burger

Crunchy Peanut Butter Sauce, Angus Beef, Bacon and Fried Egg. You never know peanut butter and burgers can go together. The sauce could have been a little bit more though πŸ˜€


Hot Buffalo Wings (Medium)

3 levels for this. Mild, medium or suicidal. Medium is spicy enough though if you are up for the challenge, please go ahead with suicidal.

Even though the burger uses the same patty as Classic Heavyweight, but the peanut butter sauce was the deciding factor. I would definitely recommend Tyson over Classic Heavyweight if you are deciding which burger to go for. The wings were good but not fantastic.

Round 2 winner: Tyson Peanut Butter Burger

Round 3

Wagyu Beef Black Burger

US Wagyu, Avocado, Beer Battered Onion Rings

I honestly couldn’t tell what’s the difference between this and Class Heavyweight. The patty was similar, which shouldn’t be the case. The onion rings missed the taste of being beer battered. The bacon wasn’t crispy enough. I couldn’t decide what is the winning factor here


Cajun Barbecue Wings

I think they could have done better with the marinate. It was passable, and forgettable.

Herbs Butter Injection Wings

Cashew nuts, herbs, lemongrass stuffed wings

This was.. strange. We couldn’t really taste the herbs, but it was very smart of them to remove the bones of the wings and mold them back with the herbs and shaped them into the wings they originally were. A for effort, B for taste.

Winner for Round 3: Draw? haha they are both equally disappointing.

Round 4

All in combo fries

Consisting of normal fries, sweet potato fries and yam fries

Okay, I’m not a fan of yam. The normal fries were, well normal. I guess the best of 3 was the sweet potato.


Garlic & Parsley Fries (From the add on)

These are addictive. I like how the garlic is evenly distributed so it was good!

Round 4 winner: Garlic & Parsley Fries πŸ™‚

I like the burgers here. They are generally good. So if you are craving for some burgers and wings in town, consider giving this place a go!

Burgers vs Wings + Bar

#11-03/04 Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road S(238896)

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