324. Strangers Reunion

I always wanted to try their waffles, so we finally made a date to head down and try. The place became bigger and we were surprised how much it changed. But it was still as crowded. As they only take in reservations for group of 6 more, I was thankful we had a table and didn’t have to wait long.

Let’s make love, coffee & magic

Full house on weekends

Flat White

I wanted to try their featured coffee of the day, but.. the machines were not ready (at 11.30am) =.= So i got my usual flat white


Which we don’t really know how to appreciate the magic in it


Berry Compote w Vanilla Icecream

The waffles were really good. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I can now understand why everyone goes there for them. It’s funny how the waffles came first, and became our main course instead.


It was not the perfect runny eggs, instead the egg yolks were already quite cooked to the point it was not runny anymore. I was secretly happy cos I’m not a fan of poached eggs but the friends wanted to try this. haha that being said, this dish was quite normal.

Spam Fries

Not many places serve spam fries so we just had to give this a try. The lime mayo was pretty good. It complements the spam fries well. They have an interesting menu of small bites, like truffled sweet potato chips. Would definitely give that a try next time.

Green Tea w Azuki Red Bean Cake

Moist and light. They could do more with the red beans though but it was generally good.

A bigger place with a dinner menu now, it’s a place worth considering if you are in the area. Though it may not be the most accessible but the waffles are definitely the draw here.

Strangers Reunion

37 Kampong Bahru Road S(169356)

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