325. L’Entrecote (Suntec City)

Hello everybody! Sending all my readers some love from Japan! 🙂


I was actually quite excited to try L’Entrecote for its steak and unlimited fries. So the friend and I went down one day for lunch to have their lunch special. This restaurant only serve one kinda of steak, the traditional definition of “Enrecote” steaks which is the cut between the sirloin and the ribeye. I have no idea how the cut tastes like and this was my first. Sadly to say, this will be my last too.

There’s only one menu for lunch special. I mean yeah that’s logical since they only serve one kinda steak

And they write your choices on the mahjong paper so that the servers do not mix up your orders

Walnut Salad

It was bland, and tasted like how salad without sauce tastes like. I think we left it untouched. haha

French Onion Soup ($9)

We decided to order an additional order of FOS which was a good choice. The soup was pretty decent and we enjoy it much more than the salad.

Mine in medium rare

The meat was kinda tough. I don’t think I know how to appreciate this. The sauce was nothing to rave about either. The fries were different. It was crispy on the outside, but hard on the inside. I was confused.

In the end, we paid $29 each for the whole meal. I don’t think it’s cheap, neither was it worth it. I believe you can get better steaks elsewhere. But blah, just my personal opinion.


Suntec City #B1-128/129

3 Temasek Boulevard S(038983)

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