326. Hanare Japanese Restaurant by Teppei

You can now skip the queue and still enjoy Teppei’s famous chirashi don at their sister’s restaurant which is located just round the corner. Hanare Japanese restaurant has 2 kinds of menu. You can go for their Bara Chirashi set, which comes with 4 side dishes or go for their buffet, which covers over 20 kind of dishes. We chose the former after seeing how appetising the pictures were on instagram.

We were there when it just opened so there was nobody, as compared to the snaking queue at Teppei

Part of the 4 dishes that was free flow

The side dishes were nothing to rave about

The buffet area

We took a peek at the dishes available, and they look quite sad =_=

And the chirashi don came πŸ˜€

Huge chunks of sashimi

Though they were generous in their serving, I personally thought that the don was pretty normal. The freshness of the sashimi was overpowered by the soya sauce that was draining the bowl. Sashimi should be eaten like how it originally tastes, isn’t it? And towards the end, I thought I could taste a lil bit of the fishy taste. Though yes, for the price you pay, it is definitely value for money.

Hanare Japanese Restaurant

99B Tanjong Pagar Road S(088520)

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  1. Josh Goh says:

    Can’t believe you still blog. hahaha love the pics πŸ™‚


    1. irisslove says:

      Haha yes! Still as frequent (^ ^)


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