279. Pidgin Kitchen & Bar

Pidgin Kitchen & Bar opened its doors not long ago at Dempsey. After the closure of Pamplemousse, they are now back with a different menu, well a French/Asian fusion to be exact. Honestly,  I think you need to be spot on with the flavours when you are playing fusion. If not, everything just goes wrong. So we decided to be adventurous and celebrate C’s birthday at this place. Going to Dempsey isn’t my favourite thing cos it’s so inaccessible 😦 They should totally built a mrt nearby hahha

Empty & early

iKi Yuzu

iKi beer w green tea & yuzu. Well, I ain’t a fan of beer but this really has no green tea nor yuzu taste, sadly.

Crab Otak Croquettes

They are good as croquettes but they lack the otah taste. If they could just have mastered the flavour and give it more spice, they would have brought me over.

Spicy Tuna Tartare w Wanton Skins

It’s interesting this tartare is infused with sambal belacan oil. I understand they want to keep the sweetness of the tuna without being too overpowering of the sambal taste. Yet, I would have prefer the taste of the sambal to be stronger. I think they could have work on more for this dish. And the wanton skin? I totally don’t get it.

Bak Kwa Mac & Cheese

This dish tastes as good as it looks. It’s so good we scraped off every bit of cheese in it. lol

The bak kwa comes in tiny bits but the cheese was the highlight. Creamy yet not too gelat.

Duck Leg Confit w Lychee & Duck Fed Potatoes

Not bad. Love the potatoes, really but not the sauce.

Beef Short Rib Bourguignon

Well, it’s short ribs in red wine. This. Is. So. Good. The best out of all the mains. The beef was very tender and you can taste the red wine in it. Soooo awesome.

Moving on to desserts, I think we ordered all their desserts on the menu except for their icecream. haha

Osmanthus Creme Brulee

Uh, well this is quite… unique. Though I wouldn’t say it taste like anything to creme brulee. I would give it a miss if I were you.

Bandung Panna Cotta

If you like bandung, you would have love this dish. Texture of the panna cotta was good and the balance of bandung was just as right.

Kaya Bread & Butter Pudding w Milk Tea Icecream

This is a complete winner. It’s so good everytime I look at this photo, my stomach growls. haha

Please try it.

The birthday girl w the birthday cake

Milo Dinosaur Version 2.1

Dark chocolate flourless cake w milo icecream. The girls love this. They cleaned off the plate. haha

Overall, they do serve some pretty good food. And we were surprised when we left, the tables outside were all occupied.  I guess many do taking a liking for their food here. Well at least I don’t mind going back.

Ending w a picture of everybody 🙂

Pidgin Kitchen & Bar

7 Dempsey Road, #01-04 S(249671)

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