280. Sinpopo Brand

Quite a cute name for a retro cafe. It brings you back to childhood times where you got to eat all your favourite snacks and desserts. Was there one day around the area for dinner when we decided to pop in for desserts.

Love how they really do up the whole cafe to the old times. They do serve proper food like rice but I think they have a wider range of desserts to choose from.

So here’s what we ordered!

Sng Muey Pop

Which was actually sour plum drink. Simple yet a refreshing drink

Gula Melaka Jelly

I don’t think this was anything spectacular though the name sounds interesting.

Durian Chendol

Looks good? But so-so. haha

You tiao w prawn paste sauce

This is soo good! Crispy and not too oily. Definitely a good snack to munch on.

I thought the desserts were just mediocre. But it’s a cool place to have some local desserts if you are in the area. Maybe the food might not be up to your expectations, but the ambience definitely makes up for it. Bring your parents there, who knows they might just fall in love with it 😉

Sinpopo Brand

458 Joo Chiat Road S(425500)

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