281. Fordham & Grand (Closed)

This place is pretty cool. The signage was located at the side, with just the numbering on a big black door. When you walked in, it feels like a hidden restaurant uncovered. Place wasn’t big, but it’s always occupied. So I enjoyed it so much I went back the next day again which explains why there are so much food as you read on. So pardon the inconsistent photo qualities 🙂

Complimentary soft warm bread

Natural Oysters w Mignonette

Sadly the oysters weren’t fresh. They had a bitter and an unusual sourness towards the end, so we had these changed to another starter. Well I had 2 of them in fact, just to ascertain there was nothing wrong w my taste buds. Luckily I didn’t have any bad stomach the next day. lol

Seared Cuttlefish, Smoked Paprika & Edamame

Pretty normal, surprisingly addictive. I enjoyed the edamame though

Special of the day: Iberico ham croquette w melted cheese

I didn’t really like this dish. I thought the iberico ham was abit too hard. The friend said I was picky. =/ haha

Grilled Portobello, Egg Confit, Ham & Arugula

This dish is a winner. The mushroom was seasoned very well and the egg was cooked just right so when you cut through it, the yolk flows.  The whites on the mushroom, just a smart combination.

Lobster linguine, Ginger, Chili, Coriander & Olive Oil

Lobster was nicely done. The linguine on the other hand was a little too oily and a little too hard. So we didn’t finish the pasta and we feedback to the server. 5 mins later, they gave us a new plate. omg hahaha we couldn’t even finish them.

Fish of the day (Snapper), Agria Potatoes & Tomato Stew

I think this is by far one the best fish dishes I’ve eaten. The skin was pan fried sooo awesomely cripsy, yet the meat was not overdone and the tomato stew gave a very appetising welcome to the whole dish

Rangers Vallery Grainfed Striploin, Fries & Mesclun Salad

If you craving for some meat, give this a try. It’s pretty awesome

Special of the day: Wagyu Rib Eye (400g)

Best rib eye I’ve eaten so far. I thought I went to heaven and come back hahaha. The meat was done nicely. Tender, juicy and just a lil salty on the after taste. Not cheap, but it’s totally mad awesome.

Medium rare, that’s how it should be done.

Crispy fries

French Toast w Dark Rum Sabayon

You never knew rum can go with toast, until today. The toast has a very thin layer of burnt sugar and it compliments the cream and the icecream. My favourite part of the whole dish? The chocolate bits. It’s really good.

Honestly, the mains fare better. I only tried their french toast so I wouldn’t know about the other desserts. Love this place and the food. If The Black Swan was amazing, this is awesome. Easily a place I will recommend to anyone for date night or just a place to catch up.

Fordham & Grand

43 Craig Road, S(089681)

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