Revolver – Modern Indian Cuisine with Bold Robust Flavours

I had plans to dine at Revolver with the friend but we had to keep rescheduling it due to unforeseen circumstances. Thankfully by the third time we finally made it down and it was their one year anniversary by coincidence. Or more like I was so insistent on trying their special menu I made sure we made it down. lol. The restaurant was packed and servers felt like they were very busy too but thankfully they had a good playlist to keep diners entertained


An open kitchen concept where you get to watch the all action going on

We took the Experience menu, priced $199+ and also decided on a bottle of IWA which surprisingly paired quite well with the cuisine. Like who would thought sake and modern Indian cuisine can go together


We started off with this complimentary dish, with inspiration from lentil dumplings


It was actually pretty good with the light yoghurt taste to get your appetite started


Courgette Flower, Prawn Balchao

The friend said the taste reminded her of OCK curry puff. lol. I like the stuffed prawn fillings with a sweet spicy tangy flavour and the overall grilled taste of the courgette flower. I thought the stem tasted even better


Fresh Paneer, Tomato Espuma

Flown fresh from New Delhi (and emphasised repeatedly), this is basically cottage cheese in a tangy tomato cream sauce. To be honest, this dish was pretty filling and the sauce did get pretty spicy after eating repeatedly. Though overall it was a good dish


Snapper, Parsi ‘Patra’

We were pretty excited about the fish dish and first impressions on this, this reminded us of otah. lol. But the cook on the fish was stellar and so was the spice on the fish

Processed with Focos

Rock Lobster Manchurian, Egg Fried Rice


I felt like this looked more impressive than it tasted. The quality of the lobster was good and for such good lobsters, we thought having it fresh without too much flavour would be even better. The Bombay egg fried rice wasn’t something we can really appreciate. I mean, it tasted like rice lor. lol


Wagyu Scotch Eggs, Caviar

I liked the scotch eggs with its well minced beef, nicely cooked breadcrumbs and amazing potato bits. Definitely a must-keep on the menu


Kurobuta Pork Belly Vindaloo

Dressed in a fennel and ginger sauce, the pork was so tender the meat simply came off with a slice. We thought the pork tasted better on its own and definitely didn’t need the sauce along with it


Parmesan Kulchette, Malabar Crab


The Kulchettes were amazing. Baked using handmade tandoor, the dough was well cooked, fragrant and full of char. I would prefer it without the Parmesan for I like it as simple as it is. And oh, of course not forgetting the crab meat with in an aromatic curry flavour but yet not too overwhelming spicy


Dessert Kulchette with Brown Sugar, Pistachio, Nuts & Cardamom Gelato

Basically, it’s sugar on a palate. lol. It was a little too sweet for us, not something we can appreciate though it was quite an interesting dessert in an unconventional way

I’m glad we finally get to try Revolver. It’s definitely something different and unique and if you like something unconventional for your night out, you can give this place a try


56 Tras Street, Singapore 078995

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