Pura Brasa – Serving One of Better Paella Around

The friend requested for Paella for her birthday so we gave Pura Brasa a try since none of us has been there before. The place was packed for a weekend and dining time was capped at 1.5 hours for the next dinner service. Service was a little slow so we thought we better just order all the food while waiting for the rest of the party to arrive. Surprisingly, the food came out at an astonishingly fast speed, so much the table had no space for it and we were stress eating trying to clear the plates. lol


Mediterranean Nachos with Beef Bolognese, Jalapeño, Olives, Corn, Cheese Sauce $15

We got some nachos to munch cos we thought the food would take some time. The nachos were simple yet tasty and it lasted us all the way to end of our meal


Calamari Cone in Andalusian Style $18

The calamari wasn’t that impressionable, would probably give it a miss. I mean it’s not bad, just that other dishes were simply better


Bread with Iberico Ham $38

Served like bruschetta, topped with Iberico Ham. We like how thin the ham was sliced so that we could add more to the bread if we want to


Homemade Spanish Croquettes w Chicken & Ham $12

The croquettes were delicious. It was crisp, not too oily and the protein itself blended well with the crumbs


Huevos Rotos con Jamon

I felt like this is a tapas staple, like cannot go wrong. Fried egg + ham + potatoes and the yolk to wrap it all up


Grilled Octopus, Baked Potato, Olive Oil $20

The octopus were worth a mention. Very tender, nicely grilled and dipping it in the potato was delicious 


Prawn Casserole with Garlic, Chilli Peppers, Olive Oil $20

Processed with Focos



Grilled Black Codfish w Mushroom Ragout $34

The fish was pretty decent too, for those who prefer the white meat more than the red. I thought it was pretty well executed and nicely paired with the mushroom ragout


1/4 Spanish Suckling Pig $70

To be honest, the suckling pig was done really well. You can hear the crackling of the skin when you slice into it and the meat was so tender. But it had a little of that porky taste to it and at some point, it just felt a little too much. Or perhaps we were already full from all the dishes we had

Processed with Focos

Well, a little bowl of salad to wash down your palate, if it helps


Seafood Paella $38

And the highlight of the meal. The small portion could serve 2-3 pax and thankfully we went for the small cos it was too much food. The paella was really delicious. The rice was cooked just right, evenly coated with the seafood sauce. You can taste the robust seafood flavour in it which would leave you wanting for more

We didn’t have desserts cos we had plans to have it elsewhere. But generally I thought the food was pretty decent. The convenient location makes it a good option for casual meet-ups though the restaurant might get a little noisy at peak hours so if you want to htht, it might not be the best option. It’s worth a return if you are craving for Spanish tapas at decent prices

Pura Brasa

5 Wallich Street, #01-16, Singapore 078883

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