Travelogue: Singapore Airlines Suites Experience

To say I was excited for the trip would be an understatement, since how often would you get to fly suites onboard Singapore Airlines. One knows how difficult it is to redeem suites space as the redemption window is always a challenging one to conquer. We took a leap of faith on 1st January 2022 for our planned October trip since back then the travel restrictions were not lifted and we felt that it would be soon, based on gradual re-openings so we spent our New Year day making our redemption for our 3-week long holiday. All was good till few weeks before we had a little drama and there was a possibility of us not being able to get on the flight. Well, lets just say the drama had passed and on 4th October 2022, the most happening trip of the year started πŸ™‚

We decided to have lunch at the airport or actually the friend initially wanted to have breakfast cos of this lobster laksa that was only available on the breakfast menu. But we decided on lunch instead else we would spending 14 hours at the airport ahead of our flight. :/


Found the First class/Suites taxi drop-off at the airport which was a left turn slightly before the usual drop off when you reach T3. Since it was my first time at the drop-off, the driver kept checking if I’m really at the right place. ‘You sure ah, you sure you are on first class ah?’ I think he made me doubt myself cos I sounded very unsure. lol


Check-in was a breeze. They tagged everything for me to our final destination, Orlando and since I was early, I just sat down and waited for the friend to arrive


Lets just say this is a huge space, and is very empty

All boarding passes issued and of course, the golden ticket to The Private Room


They made the check-in so exclusive which is basically you come out of the check-in area, walk straight through to passport control and then you will sight the elevators that will take you up to the lounge


The Private Room is specially reserved for Suites Passengers, so it is definitely something you should enjoy and make full use out of it. Check-in opens 48 hours prior to flight departure, which also meant you can use the lounge after you are done with check-in. And hence, explains why we are at the lounge so early even though the flight is 2355 at night


The very modern looking Private Room, which was a vast difference from their previous one. There were not much people around since I guess most European/US flights depart late at night



A display of all the champagne/wines available. Very. Fancy


Love how they have the coffee beans on display and you know you will have good coffee cos they were using Jamaica Blue Mountain. Wow wow


And a range of tea selection from TWG which I saw some blends that you don’t usually see available


They also have a small selection of bakes, chips, nuts and chocolates. And the chips were truffle chips (yes I had some or rather I helped myself to some)


2008 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne

Of course, a welcome drink is always initiated. The friend told me to give this a try. Well, it is decent but not my favourite


2014 Albert Bichot Morey Saint Denis


Assorted Satay – Chicken/Beef

Processed with Focos

Singapore Airlines is quite well known for their satay and laksa (in the air/on the ground) and this was legit good. We got both the chicken and beef but I thought the chicken was better. It really felt like having hawker-style satay with the oily, juicy, tender meat just that in a posher environment


Singapore Laksa w Lobster

The said lobster laksa which was only available for breakfast but I guess they don’t really say no to Suites passengers. lol. It’s a thick, creamy, delicious laksa broth that’s worth the order


Salmon Ikura Don w Grilled Tamago

When this came, we were like since when salmon don got kailan one? But I have to admit, this fusion salmon don was actually not bad. Salmon was well-cooked and overall it was actually quite palatable


Picked some chocolates as desserts for myself which were so delicious I asked the staffs where were they from. They only told me this was from Paris. I’m like okay…? lol. I mean if they could tell me the shop, it would be good too


So after a rather filling meal, we took the time to explore the place. I really wondered how utilised is this playroom


Made my way to the shower rooms and the staff excitedly showed me around


The biggest shower room


Probably 3x of what I have at home. lol


Everything you need is provided for


The only thing I don’t like about this hairdryer is that it is in an awkward position. Cos it’s located at the lowest drawer and the coil is not that extendable, you can’t really blow dry your hair standing up. Yeps you guess it right. I dried my hair squatting the entire time. Very. awkward.


The other 2 shower rooms that were also pretty big and clean


And the restrooms


We wanted to nap but the sleeping rooms were all full so we put ourselves on the waiting list while just lazed around on the lounge chairs


And that calls for more drinks, and chocolates. lol

And that cup of coffee – I was impressed with both the taste and the art


And then after 30 minutes, they told us the rooms were ready so we made ourselves to the room for our 2 hour nap (cos you are only limited to 2 hours)


Here is a proper bed with blankets and slippers provided. Very impressed


I popped by the friend’s room and we decided to monkey around for awhile before heading out and wait for the friend’s husband to arrive

And since I was waiting, I visited the First Class, Silverkris and Gold Lounge. I was intrigued that nobody stopped me and asked for my boarding pass. Like what if I’m just a random passerby?


Anyway, First Class which had a similar concept to Private Room


They also have laksa on the menu, maybe just without the lobster πŸ˜€


More sitting space inside



Gold Lounge definitely more crowded


And then the friend’s husband arrived! So we took a quick photo before heading to the tables for dinner. Dinner was a crowded affair with more passengers now in the Private Room


Wagyu Satay

The wagyu satay wasn’t great. Like I felt the meat was abit chunkier so we requested if they could serve us the chicken satay they had for lunch, and they gladly obliged


Seared Cod Fillet w Seafood Beurre Blanc Sauce

The cod was strange. I’m not sure if it’s cos of the thinness or the sauce, but either that, it’s not a dish I would want to order again


Poached Lobster w Caviar

This was very average, It was well, lobster and caviar and a whole lot of alfalfa which omg I couldn’t take the taste. lol


Angus Beef Horfun

I guess the beef horfun was okay. The friend’s husband mentioned it did have the wok hey taste


Waffle w Chocolate Ice cream

Wrapping up dinner with a waffle icecream which was probably the best out of the meal. lol. I have to say, lunch was definitely way better

After dinner ended, we decided to use the shower rooms and it definitely felt good to have a hot shower before the flight. Soon we made our way to the gates (like finally. lol) but we saw people were rushing for security checks which I don’t know why cos there was still time before boarding commences. We waited a long while cos the friend was held up as they didn’t know what item was being highlighted on the screen so like after forever, they decided it was nothing, we made our way to the front of the line, got on the aerobridge and into A380 suites


Hello 3F!

There was a short introduction from the crew about who’s on duty, everything in the cabin before the customary ‘Can I get you a drink to get you started?’


Own personal storage space for your luggages and clothes and also you can find the necessary amenities in here


Pyjamas for the flight πŸ™‚ This was really quite comfortable



The amenity kit that was only given during the first part of the leg. They told us to remember to take it along when we disembarked as we won’t be given a set on the second leg


Started with Krug

The flavour was really quite unique. It’s a little smokey, bitter and you can definitely tell the difference if you drink it with other champagne


Went on to DP


Also took time to explore the bathrooms


This was the bigger out of the 2. And part of me was thinking why would anyone need such a big space


And the smaller one


Which was also quite sizeable if you ask me

So shortly after, supper got served


Went with the caviar cos it sounded fancy. Lets just say I don’t know how to appreciate this dish. lol. I tried every single pairing they gave on the plate but I just had lots of question marks in my head


BTC: Duck Confit

It sounded nice, it tasted bad. Can’t find a better word for it. The duck was somewhat a little dry and overall, there’s no flavour. I think what could have make it better would be some sauce. Even the vegetables had the raw vegetable taste. This was very disappointing. So if anyone had plans to order duck confit for BTC, please eat at your own risk

They wanted to offer me something else from their inflight menu but since I wasn’t very hungry to start with, I decided to pass


And desserts to end off the meal

Halfway through the meal, the stewardess popped in and asked ‘Miss Goh, you requested for something right?’ I laughed. Cos they were confused who to ask about the (anniversary) cake request. So I told them yeah I’m celebrating it with the friend for our 20 years of friendship. And they said they will serve it after our second meal instead


After supper service ended and also finishing watching Top Gun onboard, it was time for bed


Peeped over to see the transformation of the double bed. The friends got 1F and 2F so yeah, we had half the suites space to ourselves. Actually everything about the space was good but I found the chair abit troublesome. Cos with the controls, it actually took some time to manoeuvre it around

Managed 5 hours of rest and before you know it, it’s time for the next meal!


Started with a fruit platter but I only managed to finish half of it – the right half. The stewardess asked if I don’t like mango and I was like nooo, it’s too much food. lol, I think I could still feel remnants of supper in my stomach. Though the friend commented the mango was really sweet. Okay, noted, thanks. lol


BTC: Nonya Ayam Goreng Lengkuas Ikan Assam Pedas Dan Sambal Udang


I really really enjoyed this. I found this so much better than Nasi Lemak. Like I would recommend this over Nasi Lemak anytime


And here’s the cake for our celebration, handwritten notes from the crew and personal congratulations from all of them. We were entertained they took time to decorate the cloth as well. A for effort


And they specially made this mocktail drink for all of us and told us to wait for it. lol. That’s on top of the 3 drinks I was currently having. I was like omg..


We took lots of photos. Ha

And yes, to 20 years of being friends. Cos as you age, you know it’s not easy. People come and go. Friends that you think were once close suddenly just become strangers cos.. it takes 2 hands to clap. Β If it is always one person making the effort, they will also feel very tired. So appreciate the people around you, they are there for a reason


Landed in Frankfurt for our 1.5h layover feeling very full, popped by the Lufthansa Senator Lounge cos we wanted to use the showers. Thankfully the lounge was actually pretty empty so all of us had shower rooms to use




Nowhere like The Private Room but they were clean, basic and quite roomy. So nothing to complain there


Feeling refreshed, I took a peep at the food offerings and I decided the stomach wouldn’t be able to take it. lol. I mean we had to prepare for more meals onboard


We decided to go into our own world aka use our phones and before we knew, it was time to make our way to the gates again


There wasn’t really a separate queue for Suites passengers so we just went along with the rest though the queue moved quite fast


And it’s time to make our way back to the plane again! The friend wanted to take a photo of the plane, so I joined her taking the photo. The next thing I knew, there were people lining up to take photos of the plane behind us. LOL


It was a different set of crew for our FRA-JFK leg but still with the same warmth and dedicated service. I was asked how old I was and when I said my age, the stewardess went ‘you looked damn young!’ HA. Aww thanks *bright smile* lol. I mean we definitely looked younger than the rest of the passengers onboard


So I decided to do a blind taste of both the Krug and DP and I’m proud to say I could easily distinguish the two. Concluded that Krug is an acquired taste and I didn’t acquire the taste. Definitely preferred DP but I’m also sad to find out they are removing DP onboard wef Nov. I should have drank more. Sighs

Then the friend had lots of things to accomplish after take-off so we were busy for awhile until the crew was waiting to serve us satay outside. Oops


The satay

For something in the air, this was really quite tasty. The meat was pretty well-cooked and the peanut sauce was thick and flavourful. I look forward to it whenever they serve satay onboard


Β x drinks later..


Started with scallops as appetisers and I must say these were not bad


Inflight menu: Thai Style Seafood w Basil & Chili

They didn’t have a BTC option for the second leg so inflight menu it shall be! Anything that is spicy would sound good and oh goodness, this was really quite spicy. It’s probably nothing like Thai-style basil but all I can say was, this was really quite spicy. lol


And desserts to end it off

Changed back into our comfy PJs, caught a few shows, had a few drinks.. lol that’s basically the routine most of the time


So while I was enjoying my sake, I heard a ‘Happy Anniversary’ coming from next door and a few commotions later, the friend popped in my cabin and went – there’s another cake!


I fainted when I saw the cake. lol

So the crew was also confused by the cake request and after a few deliberations, decided to send the cake to the friend and husband not knowing is for me and the friend. lol. We told them we had the confusion on the previous leg too πŸ˜€

Anyway the cake wasn’t great. haha. The fruit cake was a little dry and strange (The crew said this was from Frankfurt. lol). The smaller chocolate cake was definitely yummier


So new cake + more drinks call for even more photos. I adopted the SQ bears home cos the friend abandoned them for the first leg. I was like O.O how could you!


And that’s one last look out of the window for this Suites experience

Prior to landing, the crew asked if they could offer us some more refreshments much to our horror. lol. We kindly rejected. I think anymore food/drinks I’m gonna puke. It has been 31.5 hours of non stop eating and drinking, and that’s not even funny when you didn’t even move around much


Moments later, it’s time to prepare for landing and hello New York!

It has been an exciting journey as I embarked on this Suites experience, from The Private Room to the service rendered onboard and all I could say this was an experience of a lifetime. Also thankful for the company that was with me cos it definitely felt more fun with friends alongside as we hanged around in each other’s cabins like we were at home. I’m not sure if I would ever have a chance to do this again but this was definitely one memory to keep!

And onwards to our next part of the journey πŸ™‚

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