Osteria Mozza – Back with A New Home at Hilton Orchard

I have been eyeing Osteria Mozza ever since I found out it’s gonna come back, and we finally got a chance to go down one day. Located at the new (okay maybe not-so-new anymore) Hilton Orchard, the restaurant shared the same entrance as Estate. And wow, the place was packed



The companions were already there and have ordered the food based on what I wanted and so the dishes came quickly


Grilled Calamari w Spicy Romesco $24


This was pretty unexpected, in a good way and it was so delicious. The squid was grilled well with a charred aftertaste and had a nice bouncy texture to it. The spicy romesco was a winner. It somehow reminded me of sambal balachan. The friend was wiping the sauce clean


Smoked Bufala w Prosciutto di Parma $32

I thought the parma ham was good but the smoked bufala with the ham together was stellar. I’m not really a cheese person so if you are worried about a strong cheese taste, this dish would fit your palate


Tagliatelle w Oxtail Ragu $34

Was deciding between the duck and the oxtail and the friends decided to go for the oxtail instead. The pasta was cooked al dente with the sauce coated with each strand. It was a very flavourful dish


Cacciucco $65

Grouper, Bamboo Clams, Calamari, Red Prawn, Mussels & Red Pepper Crostone


I really liked this dish and its generous portion of seafood. Each seafood was cooked just right, fresh and you can taste its natural sweetness. And the toast with the broth went really nicely too. The friend say there was a better one in KL and recommended us to go there. Well, that is if we made it. lol


Grilled Broccolini w Garlic-Lemon Vinaigrette $18

Well this plate of vegetables tasted like vegetables. There was somewhat lacking in the texture. It was just pretty average


Banana Gelato Pie $20

Hot Fudge Sauce & Candied Hazelnuts

This was pretty normal in my opinion. It didn’t really stand out. I mean, it’s okay lor


The Roof Sundae $18

Caramel Gelato, Salted Peanuts & Marshmallow Sauce

But I was more impressed with this dish. The marshmallow was done like melted marshmallow BBQ-way that simply dissolved in your mouth and the salted peanuts was way addictive. The caramel gelato paired really nicely with the marshmallow, balancing out its sweetness


Overall it was a pretty good meal at Osteria Mozza and I was glad to return. The restaurant may get quite noisy during peak hours cos the indoor seats were relatively near each other. So perhaps request for the outdoor ones if you want a little less noise. Else, it’s a place worth checking out especially you are in town

Osteria Mozza

Hilton Singapore Orchard

333 Orchard Rd, Level 5, Singapore 238867

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