Rempapa – A Feast of New Heritage Cuisine

I’ve tried Chef Damian’s food before so when the friend came back from Hong Kong, we suggested to dine at Rempapa so he can have enjoy the cuisine he has missed so far. Rempapa is located opposite PLQ mall so, in fact, just directly opposite and the restaurant has 2 seatings so take your pick!


The place was full when we were there. I guessed it really speaks volume of its popularity


There’s Happy Hour too, though just for beer


Fried Nonya Fish Cake $17

I love the food was all served together. It makes feeding the camera easier too. We started with the Nonya fish cake, which was deboned using  spotted Mackerel made into paste, with Chef Damian’s special spice blend. I didn’t like it. I found the texture abit on the tougher side. Granted it’s fried fish cake, but it’s somehow lacking in my opinion


Stir Fry Market Vegetables $14

We were deciding between the nai bai or the sambal sweet potato cos both sounded good. We went with the non-spicy version cos the rest of the dishes we ordered were on the spicy side. The nai bai tasted pretty average, like how a good plate of nai bai would taste like


Beef Rendang $42


Something I would recommend. The rendang was a result of a mix of more than 10 spices and cooked over a gentle fire which had a really hearty and delicious taste to it. The soft beef crumbled when you slice into it, and honestly if you just eat this with a bowl of white rice would be more than enough

Processed with Focos

 Fish done Chef’s Way $35

We ordered the recommended Singgang which was inspired by Chef’s childhood. The fish was painstakingly deboned and cooked using an aromatic blend of curry spices. It was something I never had before but I would love to have again


Buah Keluak Fried Rice $28

Fragrant Mixed Rice mixed with Sambal Paste of Rempah Titek, Lemongrass & Minced Pork and Fresh Coconut Milk

Never knew how to appreciate buah keluak, itself or with fried rice. But I love Rempapa’s version that came with a sunny side up so when you mix the runny yolk over the fragrant rice, it was an explosion of flavours


Our dinner spread for 3 🙂

Processed with Focos

Kueh Platter $6

And no matter how full you are, you should not leave this place without trying their kueh. Since I’ve tried their Kueh Kosui many times (they are really good), we decided to give the platter a try. The friends enjoyed the yam, and I thought the Kueh Salat and Tapioca were worth a try too

It was an enjoyable meal at Rempapa. The friend said he’s gonna bring his parents here next time. Though the place seemed to be a little short handed at meal times, but I thought their friendly service and decent dishes were worth coming back for


2 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-01/02/03

Park Place Residences at PLQ

Singapore 409053

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