Gyu Jin Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki – Hidden Gem at Millenia Walk for Affordable Shabu Shabu

Kickstarted my birthday celebrations which started even earlier this year cos of travel plans. I wanted something soupy so random googling brought me to this place at Millenia Walk. I can’t find much information on this place online and there were little reviews too but we decided to take a leap of faith and go there for lunch, and it turned out to be a really good decision


Gyu Jin is located along the Japanese food street on the 2nd level of Millenia Walk


They serve lunch sets (ala carte)


And buffet as well, for those who wanted a filling portion

And since it was a weekday, we decided to take the Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef Chuck roll lunch set ($45.90) else we might be dozing off in the afternoon. The lunch set consists of 130g of beef, vegetables and icecream


The restaurant was really empty when we arrived and we were like.. hmm that’s not a good sign


You can also dictate the sauce/condiments you wanted and the staffs would bring it over to you. To be honest, the garlic, chilli padi and spring onion came in generous portion. I think 2 pax to one bowl would be good to share


The shabu shabu came in individual pot and you can choose 2 soup bases. I went for the yuzu and tomato while the friend went for the yuzu and kelp (which she liked it a lot)


We added an additional portion of Hokkaido pork to go along as well


Look the the beautiful colour of the beef


Assortment of vegetables which you cannot choose


Ordered rice and kimchi as an addition as well cos the friend is a 饭桶



I say the quality of the beef was really good. Tender pieces of beef that dissolves easily when you chew. Even the pork was a worthy mention. It didn’t have a really strong taste of pork and it went so well with the ponzu sauce


Ended the meal with icecream. I had the matcha while the friend had the coconut. Since it’s a Thai brand, I recommend you to go for the coconut icecream. lol

To be honest, I didn’t expect much cos I wanted to try the other place. But I felt like this place is a discovered gem. For its affordable pricing and quality meat, it definitely deserved more love. For those who are looking for a decent shabu shabu / sukiyaki place, I reckon you should give this place a chance as well

Gyu Jin Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki

9 Raffles Boulevard

Millenia Walk

#02-09 S(039596)

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