Riverside Grilled Fish – More Than Just Mala Grilled Fish

Well I know I’m late to the game since grilled fish in mala sauce has been around for the longest time. But cos I’m not receptive to eating the entire fish drizzled in mala sauce, I kept putting it back until I found out Riverside Grilled Fish actually serves a variety of flavours to choose from. So I grabbed the friends to try it with me one day. Riverside Grilled Fish at Raffles City basement covers a huge area. When you walk into the restaurant, you will be surprised by how spacious the place is and also, the menu is extensive. There are so many side dishes I felt like ordering every single one of them. HA



Crunchy Cucumber $4.80

Ordered this cos initially I thought the dishes would be too spicy. Lets just say we thought too much


La Mien with Iberico Pork Belly in Unique Sauce $11.80

This bowl of noodles came the fastest, which was good, cos we were famished. It wasn’t what we expected cos we thought the pork will be slightly grilled. But well, I have to say, the noodles were delicious! It was a mixture of spiciness with some sourness to whet your appetite. So yums


La Mien with Wanton $10.80

It’s probably the same sauce, but I felt that the Iberico pork was better. The wanton was well, decent but not very memorable


Pan Fried Shredded Pancake $4.80

The friend wanted to try this. Lets just say it tasted like roti prata with not much cong you taste


Stir-Fried Kailan w Garlic $9.80

This was a very normal plate of kailan, not worth ordering


Signature Chinese Sausage Fried Rice $8.80

Oh wow, this fried rice was delicious! So fragrant with the delicious bits of chinese sausage chopped finely, you couldn’t actually tell what you were eating


Sea Bass $36

And the star arrived!

So the ordering goes like this: You pick your choice of fish, choose a flavour and add on sides


We had ours in Black Bean sauce which was surprisingly not that salty and added Sausages $4.80, Enoki Mushrooms $4.80, Luncheon Meat $4.80 and Beancurd Skin $3.80

Snapseed 2

The celery made it look so unappetising. lol :/


Pickled Vegetable Sauce $36

Basically more or less the same add-ons but switched out the sausages for quail eggs!

And then we had one with the pickled vegetable sauce. Well, I think I actually preferred this flavour. It tasted like pickled vegetable soup or maybe that’s how folks at home usually steamed the fish, it had flavours of home. I know, you must be thinking.. must as well just eat at home. lol

Generally I say the fish was good. Very fresh and huge! It was so huge that if you were someone that can’t eat much, you probably would have problems finishing it. I regretted ordering the sausages cos I thought it would be similar to HDL sausages but no, they were just normal chicken cocktail sausages. Meh :/ But go for the quail egg, luncheon meat, mushrooms and beancurd skin! I think that’s a good combination!

Riverside Grilled Fish

252 North Bridge Rd, #B1-06/07

Raffles City Shopping Centre

Singapore 179103

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