ANDSOFORTH – Around The World In 80 Days

AndSoForth is back with a new theatrical dining experience with a new theme – Around the World in 80 Days, or more like 150 mins. Yes, the theme totally caught our eye cos Covid cannot travel so everyone is itching for something similar. It’s a book analysis workshop based on Jules Vernes’ novel, that is Around The World in 80 Days, not that I read but it’s okay. The interactive experience is still fun and engaging even though you don’t know what it’s all about and also, the facilitators will summarise the story on the day itself. Because of Covid and its rules and regulations, the production is now conformed more to a workshop experience this time as opposed to previous runs of live performances which is something different actually. And I also like that with lesser people, you get to enjoy the workshop more


Snapseed 4

The location will be revealed 24 hours prior. We went for the earlier slot and if you arrived too early, you would just be waiting at the staircase with not much ventilation. So 15 mins in advance before your scheduled slot would be good enough for them to take your attendance and temperature. There were 8 different themed rooms which you would be rotating along with a 5 course menu that was served along the way

Snapseed 5

First up, we were transported to the Gaiety Theatre in London where first, you were given a rundown of the story before you had a chance to become a bartender for 20 minutes




Making our gin-based cocktail was fun. The ice cubes were so slippery that they kept running away from me. There were techniques to making a cocktail and the facilitator was like ‘yeah you all think just anyhow shake shake shake right?’ *cues laughter*

FullSizeRender 3

I thought the alcohol was pretty strong. You don’t have to finish the entire glass in the first room (which I didn’t know. lol) I thought it was very smart of them to start the first workshop with alcohol cos it puts participants in a relaxed and happy mood!

Snapseed 12

The bell rang and soon we had to be onboard HMS Mongolia which was taking us to Egypt

Snapseed 6

I love the way they did the interior. It really felt like we were onboard a ship


Your first course will be served here. The Bourride was a flavourful seafood-based stew that is comforting to the stomach


But I was a little confused with the choice of cuisine here. It doesn’t feel like it had any linkage to Mongolia nor Egypt. Ha


You began your knot tying workshop after the meal where you will learn 2 essential skills




A bowline to rescue people


And a handcuff knot to detain prisoners

YAY! Success! Not that I can remember any of it if you ask me now :/


Trekking to the jungles of Calcutta next where you will be greeted by a life-size elephant and a very funny facilitator (in my opinion)

Snapseed 7

Snapseed 2

Having some Butter Chicken with Naan. Oh, that butter chicken was actually quite good!

Snapseed 8

And then you learnt another survival skill here – using banana leaf to make a drinking cup. All I can say is.. it’s very challenging. The facilitator told us to imagine we were all stuck in a jungle and you desperately need to drink water

All of us: Cannot find banana leaf how? Jungle no toothpick! The leaf keeps cracking lah! I think use hand better

LOL. We were a difficult bunch, but I think that was what that made it so fun


Okay you get the idea, but I really doubt you can drink much with this


The next themed room was the most instagram-worthy. Even the facilitator proclaimed so. Ha

Being onboard the Canton Express to Hong Kong!


Of course without a doubt, Dim Sum was being served here


A small portion of noodles was served too. The noodles tasted much better than the dim sum. I thought the dim sum was lacking. The skin was too thick and the filling was meh. When the facilitator asked how’s the food and I said the dim sum skin was too thick. She asked which one? I was like.. erms all 3?!


Letter writing was the activity here and we learnt how to use some of the Victorian English in our version of letter writing. It was interesting but not very fun in my opinion


Moving underground to the Miike Coal Mine in Japan. I think the poor facilitator must have a hard time here. We were all so focused on having another glass of sake from her that she ran away with the bottle. Hee


But nope, after repeated persuasion, we only had one cup each


Sake appreciation

Honestly not much appreciation cos you just drink

Snapseed 9

And soft shell crab rice bowl. Pretty tasty


The next room was the least exciting but also where you had your last course




The highlight here was the nitrogen-infused popcorn where you will have puffs coming out of your mouth when you bite into those popcorns

FullSizeRender 2

And of course, a little surprise here 🙂


Moving on to New York where we were treated to a trapeze workshop (in a circus) onboard a hot air balloon


Logically, who watches a trapeze workshop when you take a hot air balloon?? Conceptually, okay lah, imagination takes you all places


So yup we were onboard a hot air balloon!


The last themed room was the Reform club, or more like feedback + Q&A session. I think we were so competitive and bent on winning the prize we were just shooting out every thing we know until the poor facilitator wanted to give up on us. HA

So.. what’s the prize? Ha, not telling you. You need to go to find out! 🙂


We had a great time here. I think all the facilitators were really good and engaging and being in a small group helps. Someone mentioned they should have more publicity on this cos this was really a great immersive dining experience. So for those who are interested on going, be glad they had extended this to Jan 2021! You can visit their website here!

I can’t wait for their next production already!

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