Hidemasa by Hide Yamamoto – Value Lunch Sets at Mess Hall Sentosa

Since I was in Sentosa for the weekend, we checked out the newly constructed Mess Hall that houses a few F&B places. Hidemasa caught my eye, or more like the teppanyaki lunch sets at Hide caught my eye. They have 2 Teppanyaki set: Miyazaki Wagyu Beef & Fresh Live Lobster and we went for the former priced at $78. The set comprises of salad, an appetiser (salmon fillet), assorted vegetables with choice of A5 Wagyu Cut, garlic fried rice or mini ramen and dessert of the day


The place was pretty empty except just us and the other group of diners and we basically had the whole restaurant to ourselves. At some point we were just talking across the teppanyaki counters. lol



Wafu Salad

An appetising dish to start, though nothing to rave about


Our lunch selection. We replaced one of the beef cut for pork cos of dietary restrictions


Chef at work, preparing the next course for us. Some of the staffs came from Marina Bay outlet, if you find them familiar


Salmon Fillet with Mashed Potato Pancake & Tartar


I have to say, I was pretty impressed with this dish. The chef took a long time to cook the fillet and I was kinda worried if it’s gonna be overcooked but the fillet was done just right. Plus points for creativity on the mashed potato pancake and the super crispy salmon skin to top it off. This whole dish came together pretty well


Condiments for your meat


Pork Collar (In replacement of beef)

So juicy, tender and flavourful. Though it felt a little oily after awhile


A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye

I had wanted the Chataubriand but they didn’t have that nor the Striploin & Tenderloin, so we were down to only the ribeye. That being said, the beef was good, with a light melt in the mouth texture and you can savour the fats towards the end


Tonkotsu Mini Ramen

The ramen broth was a little too light for my liking, like not much taste. In short, not very memorable


Garlic Fried Rice with Sakura Ebi & Miso Soup

The garlic fried rice was pretty disappointing in my opinion. I felt it lacked the fragrance of a garlic fried rice. Somehow, it was missing some punch


Dessert of The Day

Just a very pretty dessert to end off your meal


I say the meal in general was okay. The protein was decent and ambience was peaceful. I wouldn’t mind dining here if I was in Sentosa cos they have other lunch sets to offer as well but I wouldn’t specially make a trip down for this cos city also got teppanyaki you know

Hidemasa by Hide Yamamoto

12 Artillery Ave, S(099953)

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