Izy Fook – Mod Sin Izakaya at Club Street

We actually planned to have something else for dinner but they were closed so I suddenly thought of Izy Fook which was also on my to-try list. A collaboration between Izy Dining and Bar and Roast Paradise, this modern izakaya is pretty quiet when we visited during the festive season. But well, it’s good for us since we could have some quietness to ourselves


Umami Fries $8

Seaweed, Sesame, Black Vinegar Reduction, Fried Garlic

I have a soft spot for fries and I think they are a good sides if drinks are involved. Even though these umami fries don’t look that attractive, they were appetising in every way


Chicken Satay w Peanut Sauce & Raw Sambal $12

Was quite impressed with their chicken satay. Generous portion of chicken chunk with a nutty sweet peanut sauce. It was quite filling I should say


Cold Capellini Noodles $15

Coconut Truffle Cream, Salted Egg Yolk, Tobiko

A very unusual combination of capellini but yet works together. You can taste the refreshing coconut cream alongside the crunchy tobiko for a different texture


Char Siu $12 (small)


The char siu was excellent though i find the sauce a little too sweet and the accompanying condiments a little strange to pair with. The meat is delicious on its own with the char siu tender and the burnt sides caramelised


Snapper $22

Pineapple salad, Sweet & Sour Glaze, Coriander Oil

The fish was really delicious. It felt like having a meal on the beach with the tropical flavours of citrusy pineapple and the sweet glaze. Will recommend this dish anytime


Aiyu Jelly $9

Granita, Osmanthus, Chrysanthemum Flower, Chia Seed

We were so full we could barely finish the dessert. The jelly dessert was refreshing and light with flavours of the chrysanthemum present with each bite

Overall I thought the food here was pretty good. Though it was an unplanned visit, but I guess it was a blessing in disguise

Izy Fook

27 Club Street, Singapore 069413

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