Fat Cow – Famed Beef Bowl at Camden Medical; Over-rated or Drop in Standard

I used to hear people raving about Fat Cow and their famed Wagyu beef bowl. And also the presentation of the bowl with its premium ingredients does look inviting, so much that I always wanted to try it. So we finally made it down one day. I thought the location at a medical centre feels out of place but it was a different environment once you stepped past those doors



When you made the reservations online, there was an option to decide which menu you are going for so we went for the lunch set which comprises of main, salad, chawanmushi, miso soup and dessert


Honestly I was a little confused when they serve the miso soup together with the starters. Was I supposed to finish everything before they serve the rice bowl? Aren’t miso soup usually being served together with the rice or after the main is finished? Or if not, maybe they could have just served the whole tray with the rice bowl so that we could determine the order on our own. That aside, was I impressed with anything on this tray. No I wasn’t. In fact, I thought they all tasted pretty normal


Wagyu Carpaccio $48

Sliced Wagyu Beef, Sea Urchin, Caviar, Black Truffle, Truffle Oil


Decided to get a zensai from their ala carte menu and I went for the wagyu carpaccio because I thought the sashimi was way overpriced. This beef sashimi is honestly quite delicious. Love the sweetness of the thin slices of beef together with the creaminess of the uni and fragrance of the truffle. I thought this dish tasted better than the donburi itself


The Fat Cow Donburi $48

Charcoal-Grilled Wagyu with Onsen Egg, Truffle Oil & Alfafa

The highlight, or was supposed to the the highlight. Honestly, this donburi was pretty underwhelming. The friend asked me – this is wagyu right? It’s supposed to melt-in-your-mouth right?


Fat Foa-Gura Don $48

Glazed Foie Gras and Wagyu

I thought the seasoning was a little too strong such that it overpowers the protein. I’m not quite sure if the difference was in the doneness of the meat. We went with medium-well on the suggestion of the servers and I thought the meat was a little tough


Well, at least, the presentation looks better


And well, dessert which had nothing to rave about either

I think we finished the meal with much confusion. We couldn’t quite understand what was all the hype about this place. In fact, I think there are places out there that serve better quality beef bowls. Perhaps they used to impress, but we are less than impressed now. And oh, did I mention their wine is horrible as well?

Fat Cow

Camden Medical Centre

1 Orchard Road, #01-01/02

Singapore 248649

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