Shang Social – First Outpost of Shangri-La Group at Jewel

The presentation of the restaurant caught my eye. With warm hues, a brightly-lit bar and huge pink cushioned sofa, Shang Social is Shangri-La Group’s first standalone venture outside the hotel. Serving a variation of Cantonese, Huaiyang and Sichuan cuisine, I took a long time to decide what to go for. In the end, we decided to try the set menu just cos we could try a bit of everything





Welcome Drink

We went for the set lunch menu that was priced at $58++ per pax and consisted of various items


Shang Social Trio Dim Sum Platter

(From Left) Pan-fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Prawn & Wasabi Mayo, Dumpling with Vegetable and Century Egg, Suzhou Baked Minced Pork Bun


In all honesty, there wasn’t anything that stood out. But I thought the baked bun was pretty interesting


The flaky crust reminded me of Tau Sae Piah but the filling reminded me of Chicken Pau. I didn’t know there can be a marriage of these 2 elements. It actually tasted pretty decent


Wok-Fried Star Garoupa Fillet with Lily Bulbs & Seasonable Vegetables in Sichuan Sauce


My favourite dish of the lot would be this. Love the wok hey taste of the fillet and the crunchiness of the asparagus. It was quite delicious


‘Jiang Nan Wok’ Braised Black Marbled Pork

Served with Shanghainese Sticky Cake, this was quite a pairing. The meat was very tender and I thought the sauce went nicely with it though I was a little turn-off by the fats


Seafood Broth Rice Served in Ironpot


A total show for IG where you could hear the sizzle and watch the dance of the broth boiling


The broth was good and I also like the addition of the crispy rice that added texture to the rice. To put it more correctly, the rice was so soft that it felt more like porridge


Something that is very easy for kids to eat. Though i would appreciate if they could give more ingredients. There was only one scallop and 2 prawns. Huh, enough meh??


Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo


Ending it off with desserts, Shang Social’s rendition of mango sago proved to be a little thicker and you could taste the gao-ness of the mango in it

There are some hits and misses but I thought I could give another chance to try their other dishes. Perhaps next time I could skip the set menu and dim sum and just go straight to their mains. Oh, did I mention they serve oolong and ham-flavoured soft serve?

Shang Social

78 Airport Boulevard, #01-219 to 222

Singapore 819666

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