Cafe De Nicole’s Flower – A Beautiful Pet-Friendly Cafe with Equally Gorgeous Looking Food

When I first stepped into Nicole’s Flower, it brought back memories of Aoyama Cafe in Tokyo with similar floral-themed cafe and equally chio presentation. The cafe situated along Telok Kurau road was crowded when we went over the weekend. Filled with tourists, locals and lots of obedient-looking dogs, the cafe was kept busy and customers might have to share tables due to limited capacity


Was captivated by the beautiful blooms around the cafe. Yes  – it’s both a retail shop and cafe in one



Rose Latte $7.90

Homemade Rose Syrup with Milk


The rose latte is more of a frothed milk than coffee so if you are looking for a dose of caffeine kick, suggest you look at others on the menu. There was an inviting aroma of the rose flavour in the drink which lingers on towards the end. It was warm and captivating


Hawaii Sunset $7.90

Green Tea, Fresh Orange Juice & Passion Fruit

I felt like they gave a good name to the drink. I asked the friend how was it. She said it tasted like orange juice. lol


Cheesecake $7.90

I was too hungry to wait for the pancakes to arrive cos there was a 20 minutes wait for it. I decided to order a cheesecake to start first and oh wow, the cake was so delicious I contemplating buying some back. It was so smooth and creamy with a nice a little baked taste. And I enjoyed the overall flavour being not too rich


Croissant with Ham & Cheese $8.90

A very normal fluffy looking croissant

Snapseed 3


Original Souffle Pancakes $17.90

Fresh Seasonal Fruits, Maple Syrup & Cream


I was quite pleased the pancakes tasted as good as it looked. Making these pancakes from scratch, the result was a thick looking dough yet it was fluffy and light with a sweet aftertaste. There wasn’t a need to pour too much syrup over them since the overall combination went quite well together


It would be nice if the cafe wasn’t this crowded and you could just chill and relax over the weekend. But I guess it also shows they are gaining popularity for what they are doing. If you haven’t been to the place, you should pay a visit soon before the crowd becomes unmanageable

Cafe De Nicole’s Flower

224 Telok Kurau Road, #01-01

Singapore 423836


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