Mad About Sucre – Spring Menu 2019

We were reminiscing how fast time flew past with each season and yet again, Mad About Sucre has launched their Spring Menu 2019. We didn’t try much new items from their savoury menu but we never say no to their sweets, as always


Ribeye of Hormone-Free Pork of Bone $36

The only new item we tried was the pork while we had the good old favourites – the foie gras pasta and tomato soup as well

Snapseed 2

The pork was nicely seared to a caramelised colour with the sweetness coming through as you chew into the protein. The aroma was pretty inviting too

Snapseed 4

French Foie Gras, Linguine Aglio Olio $42

Well, I’m guessing the aglio olio needs no introduction for those who loves pasta and is a fan of foie gras

Snapseed 6

Blanc (With Tea Pairing) $21.80

Soursop, Mint, Lemon, Fleur De Sel

Was actually quite excited to try this dessert cos it’s rare to see soursop as choice of ingredient. The overall palette is very light. You will first taste the salted lemon jelly and mint cream and then rounded off by a slight sweetness of the soursop mousse. Sitting on a base of salted compote, which we all agreed was very delicious and completed with a soursop twirl


I would say the soursop is really light but I do enjoy the combination of lemon jelly and mint which was quite refreshing

Tea: Lemongrass with Pandan

Snapseed 9

Noir (With Tea Pairing) $22.80

Grapefruit, Black Tea, Bergamot, Mandarin, Yoghurt Mousse

My favourite this collection. A combination of light yoghurt mousse and grapefruit meringue, with black tea cream, mandarin jelly and black tea jelly. This dessert was beautiful. The sponge cake was light and fluffy and I like how the flavours all come together

Tea: Black Tea with Hint of Orange Spice Fennel

Snapseed 7

Peche (With Tea Pairing) $24.80

Peach, Vanilla, Pandan Leaves

Love how they try to recreate a ‘Fruit’ every season. This dessert came in a close fight. I like how balanced the peach mousse is with the vanilla cream, honey peach confit and peach puree. Not forgetting the pandan jelly that was made from scratch and a small little edible chocolate stalk

Tea: French Rose w Lavender

Snapseed 3

Marron (With Tea Pairing) $23.80

Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Irish Whisky

We decided to add in one more dessert cos we couldn’t give this a miss. To recreate a 70%  overall chocolate, there were 3 types of chocolates being used – Mexican, Carribean and French. The result was a dark, rich and velvety chocolate that wasn’t too sweet. Balanced with espresso and Irish whisky to top it off, for those who love chocolate, coffee and whisky

Tea: Dark Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender with Mix of Berries

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road, S(088334)

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