Halcyon & Crane – Super Chio Cafe at Paragon Serving Sichuan Influences Cuisine

I had an enjoyable experience at Birds of A Feather, so when I found out they opened a new concept at Paragon, I dragged the friend down for dinner one day. Halcyon & Crane focused on brunch food with Sichuan influences with a similar fusion concept to the one at Birds of A Feather. The Paragon outlet has a Modern European feel to it. The overall warmth tone gave a relaxing atmosphere and feels like a good place to chill after some shopping or a day’s work





Matcha Chia Seeds $13

They serve an array of drinks, from fancy coffee to iced cheese tea. We were less adventurous so we went a healthy matcha without the whipped cream. An iced cold thick matcha without being overly sweet


Big Fries with Nutty Chilli Powder $6

We spent a long time deciding on how many dishes to order cos the friend was ravenous. But we couldn’t say no to fries, even though we didn’t manage to finish them. Overall the fries were pretty decent. It was a really decent plate of addictive fries


Baked Egg Pancake with Pickled Long Beans $14

This was on their first page of their menu and so we decided to give this a try


Honestly, it was quite an interesting combination. Savoury pancake with slightly spicy, pickled long beans. We like it, and we thought the portion was just right. Because if it’s any smaller you can’t really savour the flavour and if it’s too big, it will probably be too overwhelming


Clams & Yam Noodle $22

‘Yu Xiang’ Fragrant Vongole, Mozzarella, Coriander, Spring Onion, Multigrain Garlic Bread

One of the mains that caught our eye, and we decided on this unanimously. Definitely for sharing, cos the starchy yam noodles are too much to finish. The sauce felt very similar to chilli crab and we like how everything comes together. The garlic bread was very delicious too

The friend thought I had ordered the egg benedicts too but clearly I didn’t and glad I didn’t cos we were so full by then. I thought this place has potential. It serves food that we are similar with something different though it may come as as surprise or shock, depending on how you look at it. Overall I think it’s worth a return, for its food and its relaxing ambience

Halcyon & Crane

The Paragon

290 Orchard Rd, #03-09

Singapore 238859

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