Hu Zhen Long 胡振隆 – Bak Kwa Specialty Shop

I have been requested to write a review on this, and also clear some dust off this space since this blog has clearly been neglected for quite awhile. Not that I want to but it has been so busy lately I have neither the time nor energy to do anything else. Anyway back to bak kwa, though it might be a little late since CNY is gonna end soon. But for those who want to give this a try, there is always the next Chinese New Year 🙂 Well, #justsaying

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Honestly, I have never heard of this brand before until lately I asked a friend where she normally get her bak kwa from and she told me her family orders from HZL every year. So I decided to just order 1 kg with her even though I have never tried this brand before. Yeah, a little too adventurous. Or either that I have too much faith in the friend. HA. But I was surprised my parents know this brand, and so do my older relatives. Well, I guess maybe the older generation has more connection to this brand instead

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Hu Zhen Long prides itself to be the best Bak Kwa in Singapore but then again, which brand does not?

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The slices are considerably thin and they vacuum-packed for you for longer lasting freshness

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On first bite, I thought the bak kwa tasted a little hard for me even though my parents thought otherwise. Taste-wise, they are really delicious. Fragrant, sweet, savoury with a little burnt at the edges, it was honestly quite difficult to stop at one piece. And I’m glad the relatives enjoy them as much. They pretty much finish the entire pack of bak kwa 😡  Even though bak kwa that are associated with Bee, Kim and Guan are generally more famous in Singapore, it’s always nice to know there are other options out there for the Bak Kwa fanatics in you

Hu Zhen Long

14 Sago Street Singapore 059014

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