FrapasBar By Saveur – Afforable French Food at Century Square

It had been a long time since I ventured to the East, and so one day by chance we decided to patronise FrapasBar, a brand opened by Saveur which is known for affordable French cuisine. This new concept by Saveur aims to bring Tapas to the heartland with a twist and it does feel different once you stepped foot into the Century Square branch. A huge cocktail bar greeted you in sight while the restaurant is filled with hues of warm lighting



The Reserved signs were displayed among all the tables – showed how popular this place was

We went straight into ordering cos we were quite hungry already and we decided to go with the Experience Set meant for 4 pax at $80 which consisted of 8 popular items from the menu. Added on another $20 for 4 cocktails which we thought was quite a great deal afterall


Saveur Pasta

A popular pasta dish ever since Saveur started, the noodles were mixed with chilli oil, kombu, pork sauce and sakura ebi


Burrata Tomato

A great refreshing appetiser of burrata, tomatoes mixed with pesto sauce. I thought it was quite a decent dish


Crabmeat Croquette with Fennel, Red Chilli, Opring onion, Mayo and Coconut

Hmm. Nothing memorable


Octopus Leg

Did enjoyed the octopus leg quite abit with its tender texture though I thought the sauce was a little weird. The octopus actually tasted fine on its own


Garlic Prawns with Garlic, Chilli Oil and Chilli Flakes

Can’t quite pinpoint what’s wrong with this dish. Perhaps it was too much garlic, or too much oil or both


Duck Confit

Another one of Saveur’s signature dish, the duck confit cannot go wrong. It was crisp yet tender and flavourful with the red wine sauce


Pariser Schnitzel

The pork cutlet was undercooked the first time round so they sent it back to the kitchen and gave us a fresh plate. I thought the pork cutlet was just so-so


Sophia’s Risotto with Crabmeat, Mackerel and Coconut

Probably my least favourite dish, I thought the addition of the coconut made the risotto a little weird


Meatballs $9

Ordered an extra portion of meatballs just cos the friend wanted it. And well, I didn’t like the texture of the meatballs. I thought the sauce could be a little more hearty


Overall it was quite a hit and miss though I do think the prices here are pretty affordable. It definitely fits well with the heartland or for those wanted something different for a change


Century Square

2 Tampines Central 5, #01-35

Singapore 529509 (Street Side; Opposite OCBC CPF Building branch)


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