The Coconut Club – Nasi Lemak at Ann Siang Hill Worth Going Back For?

Finally dropping by to try this $12.80 Nasi Lemak at Ann Siang hill which is pretty well known for. The colleagues said to go early, if not the wait during peak hours is going to be long. True enough, the crowd was visibly lesser when we arrived. The interior was simple, fuss-free and the menu straightforward

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Homemade Iced Lemongrass Tea $3.50

Going straw-free at The Coconut Club, this homemade iced lemongrass hit the right notes for me. A nice balance between the sweetness and taste of lemongrass, it’s probably a good drink to go with your nasi lemak

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Nasi Lemak $12.80

Served with Coconut Rice, Chicken Leg, Ikan Billis, Peanuts, Cucumber, Fried Egg & Sambal

The first mouthful of the rice really hits you with its fragrance with every grain soft, well-cooked and not overly oily. You can taste the creaminess of the coconut which is freshly squeezed in-house. I don’t usually take rice, but I cleaned off the entire plate (So sinful)

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I love the fried chicken too, with its unique rub. Crisp, moist and tender with generous amount of sweet sambal chilli and freshly fried ikan billis

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Sambal Lala (Market Price)

And ooh, the Sambal Lala was worth trying too. The flavour was packed and intense, and honestly you cannot stop eating


Chendol $3.80

Save some stomach space for desserts! We chose one without red beans instead. The gula melaka was rich but yet when mixed with the coconut milk, the sweetness blends in very well with the homemade pandan jelly. It was pretty good I’d say

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Will I return for this plate of Nasi Lemak? Oh yes, I will. It might not be the cheapest plate around but I think this plate of Nasi Lemak has its charm in its own ways and judging from the crowd everyday, I think many feel the same as well

The Coconut Club

6 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069787

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