The Masses – Serving Delicious Sincere Food at Beach Road

The Masses is probably one of the most talked about restaurants since its opening given it’s founded Dylan, the once co-owner of Saveur. The restaurant is located at Beach road, along the stretch of steamboat eateries right opposite Shaw. A small place, tastefully decorated with relaxed atmosphere, diners can look forward to an enjoyable evening to wind down after work. Reservations are highly recommended.


There is variety to pick from the starters and the mains. The friend wanted to order everything.


Foie Gras (Shared, 100g) with Brioche, Mixed Berry Compote & Granola $19

The foie gras came with single or the shared portion, which is essentially 2 pieces. We enjoyed the overall taste of the foie gras without being too oily. Eat it together with the thinly sliced brioche for that buttery flavour and the crunch from the mixed berry compote to round off the dish


C&C Pasta with Crabmeat & Caviar $14.90

One of their recommended dishes, the pasta was something that surprised. The cold pasta was well cooked, with rich flavours of the sweet crab meat and the slightly salty caviar. I never thought I would enjoy this. I’m glad I did


Aus Fremantle Octopus Tentacle with Pickled Lotus Root & Gochujang Aioli $14.90

The octopus was decent, nicely done with the flavours of Gochujang enhancing the richness of the dish. But yet, somehow, the dish wasn’t something that popped and probably won’t be one I would order again


The Egg (Hot) with Ikura, Tobiko, Handmade Potato Chips, Beurre Noisette $9

My favourite of the lot! It reminded me of chawanmushi, bigger and enhanced version. The hot steamed egg (they had a cold version as well) topped with ikura that gave a burst of flavours in your mouth was a perfect match. But the homemade potato chips were even better. So good, I will order this anytime


Duck Leg Confit with Croquette, Candied Orange & Foie Gras Sauce $12.90

And since we had so many starters, we shared the main. The duck leg confit reminded me of Saveur’s, yet a more refined version of it. I like the addition of croquette and the execution of the duck. But somehow I felt like I’m sitting on the fence for this dish


Deep Fried Camembert with Yoghurt Icecream, Gula Melaka Granola & Fruit Enzyme $8.90

The fried cheese was awesome. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, matched with the sweetness of the gula melaka sauce. There was balance in the dessert without being too overwhelming


Probiotic Juice Fermentation with Frozen Mixed Berries & Vanilla Icecream $7.90

I kinda regret ordering this. It was sooooo sour I cringed from start to the end. They really did well on focusing on fermentation but I think I prefer sweeter things in life

Even though the owners of Saveur had ventured on to different paths, I’m glad they stick to their dreams by focusing what needs to be done. The Masses will probably be a place I don’t mind returning from time to time for their quality-restaurant food without breaking the bank. And Dylan also told us they planned to review their menu every few months so that they can constantly keep up with change. Serving food with passion, I think they will probably stay for a long time

The Masses

85 Beach Road, Singapore 189694

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