Chen’s Mapo Tofu – Szechuan Specialty Mapo Tofu at Downtown Gallery

Named after Chef Chen Kentaro, this corner restaurant at Downtown Gallery is the place to visit for Szechuan lovers. This small place only sits 30 pax, and you queue to order before they guide you to your seats. Menu is pretty straighforward, with Mapo tofu as their specialty. You can either opt for the don (rice) or mien (noodles) or if you would have preferred something non-spicy, there is a selection of braised pork belly rice or crispy seafood noodles as well


Bright and modern Chinese inspired decoration


Mapo Mien Dry $9.80

We went for the noodles. The mildly red dish scared us a little as we were thinking how spicy it might get. I think the mapo tofu has a good kick to it. It’s spicy and a little bitter with the szechuan spices and you taste the peppery flavour of it


The noodles had a nice chewy texture to it, without being too soft. And I like the soup that comes with it


Szechuan Dumplings $4

We went for a side of dumplings as well but I thought the skin was too thick and there wasn’t much meat to taste


I think this place makes a good stop if you were craving for something spicy on a cold day. Though it is a good selection to add for the CBD crowd but honestly, it wouldn’t be something that I will eat everyday

Chen’s Mapo Tofu

6A Shenton Way #02-29

Downtown Gallery

Singapore 068809

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