Cook Mee by WHEAT – A New & Confusing Concept at Raffles Place

WHEAT, the place that is known for Japanese-inspired, low calorie salad has recently launched a new concept at Raffles Place. The new establishment called Cook Mee focused on dry tossed ramen and customers can choose their own toppings based on 2 selections: MuscleMen and Souperman. Both ramen comes with shredded cucumbers, bean sprouts and sous vide egg

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MuscleMen $9.90

1.Choice of non spicy sauce or hebi-hiam chilli

2.Choice of Protein

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We chose hebi-hiam chilli with salted egg fried chicken. The chilli lacked punch. It was flat and uninspiring. They could do more with the fragrance and the spiciness. The salted egg fried chicken was tough to chew upon, probably over-fried. Flavour-wise, it was pretty mehh

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Soupermen $9.90

The difference between the 2 is there is an option of soup for the latter

1.Spicy or Non Spicy Soup

2.Choose 2 Proteins

3.Choose 3 Ingredients


The noodles were unseasoned and it tasted pretty tasteless on its own. Made worse with the beansprouts with the super tao-geh taste, it was bad. They could have marinated the beansprouts or get rid of the taste, either which I think could have provided some comfort to the noodles. I’m confused by the definition of ramen. To me, I thought I was eating yellow noodles found in prawn mee


Add some sesame sauce perhaps?


Went with diced salmon, shredded chicken breast, mushrooms, tofu and broccoli with spicy soup base. All in a tiny bowl


Honestly, they could just use a bigger bowl so that we could scoop the ingredients with ease. The soup base was chicken and pork. Yet I couldn’t quite taste it. Both the sweetness and spiciness wasn’t there. The friend thought she was drinking miso. Salmon was alright, the chicken was a tad dry


Lunchtime crowd was evident, only if it was for a short while. This was a very confusing concept. I can’t tell if this was Japanese or Chinese inspired? Tsukumen or anyhow noodles? Are they still trying to stay with the low-calorie route? Perhaps they should be clearer on their direction, fine-tune their ingredients and then work on their execution. Cook Mee, I think I’m better off cooking my own mee

Cook Mee by WHEAT

5 Raffles Place
#B1-32/33 Raffles Place MRT
Singapore 048618

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This review gave me a reason to cry… but i choose to have a reason to smile… Thank you for this review. Me and my team will improve on Cook Mee Concept.


    1. ng says:

      Hm… Been trying their food not so hygienic of some Malaysia staff at raffles place B 1-32/33. Saw most of the guy there did’nt using Glove for making food or take away


  2. Lilian Lee says:

    This review gave me a reason to cry… but i choose to have a reason to smile… Thank you for this review. Me and my team will improve on Cook Mee Concept.
    We look forward to the 40% probability to see you back. This is Lilian Lee. Nice knowing on social media.


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