Hansul Korean Dining Bar – A Different Kind of Experience

Hansul Korean Dining Bar is the latest addition to the Tanjong Pagar street of Korean establishments. Though honestly, there is no lack of Korean food along that stretch, Hansul Korean offers a different kind of dining, specialising in barbecue skewers using mini Hwaro grill. Think fuss-free and no more stinky bbq smell, that’s my kind of thing 😀


The place isn’t huge so reservations recommended!


Each table will be served a pot of hot radish soup along some sides to start with. Try wrapping the seafood with the kimchi and tuna, it was nothing special but it tasted rather amazing


Sweet Potato Makgeolli

Besides an extensive food menu, the place also serves a variety of alcohol – soju, makgeolli and cheongju, at various affordable prices


Ramen Fries $5

Crispy Ramen Noodles w Parmesan Cheese

I think this sounds better than it tastes. Pretty interesting dish, it reminds me of mamee but probably not something I will go for again


Breaded Camembert Cheese w Yuzu Honey $9.90

This was pretty delicious, with the hot cheese melting in your mouth with a crispy texture on the outside


Spicy Boneless Chicken $9.90

Deep fried chicken with evenly coated sweet spicy sauce


Honey Butter Chicken Bumbuk $24

Snow Honey Butter Flakes, Deep Fried Boneless Chicken, Mozzarella Cheese, Potato Wedges

We decided to order this after spying the next table had this dish

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Deep fried honey chicken coated with melted cheese, best combination


Kimchi Fried Rice w Cheese $8.90

Stir Fried Kimchi Rice with Mozzarella Cheese

Break the yolk to coat it with rice, mixed well with the mozzarella cheese to give that runny, silky, sticky texture


Beef Shortrib Boneless Wrapped with Cheese Rice Cake Skewers $6/stick


Of course you have to give the skewers a try. Their extensive selection had us lost. They even have spam skewers. Do note there is a minimum order of 5 sticks. We thought the shortrib can be a little more marinated cos it tasted rather flat with the bland rice cakes


Pork Belly Wrapped with King Oyster Mushroom Skewers $4/stick

But we love the pork belly which was definitely more flavourful


They cater to small party as well, so don’t worry if you come alone. There will be a space for you

I know we went a little overboard with the number of cheese items we ordered. Okay maybe a little is an understatement. The friend went; why are there so many cheese dishes we ordered?! ha (It wasn’t me!) But in all, I thought this place does a different take to the Korean dining scene with a variety of dishes that are uncommon. Of course with reasonable and competitive pricing, I do definitely see potential in this place in the long run

Hansul Korean Dining Bar

21 Tanjong Pagar Road

#01-05, S(088444)

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