Picnic – Dining in A Garden Themed Food Hall at Wisma Shopping Centre

Picnic is a garden themed food hall, located at the third level of Wisma shopping centre. It spans over 10,000 sq ft and covers a pretty huge space. This place works like a marche-style concept where each customer will be given a buzzer at the entrance and you can use that for food ordering



First impression, this place is seriously pretty. It feels like any corner can be instagramable. It reminded me of Aoyama flower tea house in Tokyo, being surrounded by greenery. But of course, just in terms of interior only



During off peak hours, you can even have your meetings here



There are a total of 15 food trucks and stall, similar in concept to Timbre+ and each food truck has its own dose of cuteness. No doubt they invested a lot of money in making the place nicely done


And so the ordering goes like this. Each food truck will have their own ordering machine. Select the item you want, place the buzzer and collect the receipt. Don’t worry, the selection is pretty limited, so I figure everyone will make their selection pretty quick


And then you just wait for the buzzer to ring before heading back to collect the food


Edgy Veggie – Acai Berry Smoothie $8

Ooh I like this. This is probably one of my favourite of everything I ordered


Coq Au Vin $9 (lunch) $11 (dinner)

I was rather amused there’s a variation in price for lunch and dinner. Not sure if they serve in bigger portion or there’s something extra to it


The stew was a little too thick and sour for my liking. It tasted strange. The chicken was pretty tender and the bread was soft and crispy


Ezo Hokkaido Eats – Butadon $14 (lunch) $19 (dinner)

One of the highly mentioned item in Picnic, the butadon was okay. I like the pieces of pork that tasted slightly charred. There was inconsistency in terms of execution. Some pieces of the meat were tender and melted in the mouth but some were dry and chewy


Flour & Water – Seafood Pizza $15

The chef told us we will have no regrets ordering this. I like his confidence. The amount of seafood on the pizza was generous, but I would prefer if the crust was slightly crispier. The dough tasted limp and unsatisfying


Daebak – Ginger Soy Chicken Tacos $12


This was by far the best dish we tasted. The taco skin was thin and the flavours of the chicken complemented nicely


Tikka Taco – Nonya Chicken Curry Prata Taco $12

I was disappointed by this dish cos it looked better than it tasted. The nonya curry was too thick and gooey and overwhelmed with spices. Perhaps they can do away with less chap so that it complements the prata


Selection of cakes $8/slice and up

For those with a sweet tooth, they have a selection of cakes and gelato as well


And you bring your buzzer to the checkout, where everything is self-explained as well


Picnic feels like one that targets the younger crowd by incorporating technology in its concept. It is a combination of Marche and Timbre+ with an interior so gorgeous. Food-wise, I find it pretty strange they have 2 taco side by side. It feels like a direct competition to each other and one less selection for customers. I had wanted to order the roast chicken from the French cuisine, but they have sold out. I’m not sure if they have sold out for lunch or sold out for the day, but still I thought it was pretty embarrassing when the food hall is opened and the vendors ran out of food. I mean even if you go the foodcourt, there will still be food. Given they just opened, I think there is much room for improvement. And they probably need to do a lot more.


Wisma Atria

#03-15 to 23 & #03-41 to 49

435 Orchard Road, S(238877)

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