Full of Luck Club – Cantonese Cuisine by Li Bai with A Modern Twist

Full of Luck club is the latest venture by the team behind Li Bai Cantonese cuisine, coming up with a new concept situated at Holland Village. I wasn’t planning to visit, but since Tai Cheong has closed its lunch menu at 2.30pm, we decided to try out this place instead. The menu has an extended offering from small bites, sharing plates to your claypot rice and fried noodles. The drinks are even more impressive, ranging from wine, cocktails to all sorts of tea


A quiet afternoon for some tea time snacks


Lychee Oolong $4.50

A subtle sweetness of lychee to a depth of oolong fragrance


Stir Fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce $7.50

The radish was smooth, coated with a slightly sweet taste and has a nice contrast with the beansprouts


Chilli Glazed Fermented Bean Paste Chicken Wings $8

This was somewhat disappointing. It pretty much felt like just fried chicken wings


Kung Pao Fried Chicken (left) Salted Egg Prawn (right) 2 for $9.80

The bao were pretty yums. It’s not mantou but it tastes soft and fluffy. I prefer the kung pao fried chicken than the salted egg prawn. I like the former’s texture and flavours. The latter could do a little more salted egg sauce and little less dough on its prawns

One of the restaurants that focus on “progressive Chinese cuisine”, I do think Full of Luck club has potential. It feels like a hipster place for youngsters alike with modern Cantonese fare. Definitely not a bad choice for those living in the area. They even have a takeaway area for those looking for a quick bite to-go

Full of Luck Club

243 Holland Ave, S(278977)

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