Old Hen Kitchen – New Nest at Owen Road By Old Hen Coffee

Old Hen Coffee has a new place, which is located near to its first outlet. As I was walking down from the mrt, I was a little skeptical if it was the right direction given the shops on the streets don’t give any sign of cafes in the area. The place was empty when I reached, with clean and simple interior design and you can even spy the kitchen area from your seats



It is like an open kitchen concept where you can watch the chefs at work


Matcha Milk $7

Other than their cold crew, Old Hen Kitchen also introduced a new item to their collection – the matcha milk. Brewed in Singapore, it has a rounded and smooth milky texture with a sweet bitter matcha aftertaste. Well, if you are a fan of milk and matcha, you will probably like this


Chilli Crab Fries $12


Old Hen’s take on chilli crab fries. The fries were drenched with a generous amount of chilli crab sauce with chunks of crab meat. There was a balance of spiciness and sweetness in it  and you really felt like you were eating chilli crab. Though the taste of the tangy tomato sauce was evident towards the end. I would prefer if the sauce was just a little less sourish


Ahi Tuna Salad $14

Sesame crusted tuna, arugula, quail egg, blueberry, dried cranberries, pumpkin seed, olives, passionfruit dressing


I really enjoyed the salad. I felt like they have grasped all the elements of throwing a great salad. The tuna was crusted with the fragrance sesame and there was great texture and flavour in there. Love the combination of the fruits and seeds and also the passionfruit dressing that was sweet and appetising


I like this place. Given they just opened, they are pretty lean and thin on manpower so service tends to be a little slow. Initially I was skeptical if the location is gonna be a problem. But seeing how the cafe fills up by lunch on a Friday afternoon, they probably will have no problem in their traffic. Old Hen Kitchen focuses more on food while their first outlet was more on coffee and brunch items. Hopefully, they will have an expansion of their menu in the future, and I would definitely love to go back again

Old Hen Kitchen

127 Owen Road, S(218931)

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