The Public Izakaya by Hachi – Yakitori, High Ball & Japanese Salarymen

I stumbled upon The Public Izakaya when the friend brought me there for drinks and subsequently I went back to its first outlet at 100am mall for dinner. The Public Izakaya has two outlets with the other one located at the air conditioned Icon village. There were many Japanese salary men present after work, but on weekends it’s a much quiet affair



Ankimo Ponzu $12

Monkfish liver in ponzu dressing. A melt-in-your-mouth kind of texture drizzled with ponzu dressing


Maguro Yukke $12

Chopped Tuna with Raw Egg & Chopped Spring Onions $12

A refreshing appetizer with crunchy sweet onions


Buta Kakuni $14

Love the slow simmered Iberico pork belly. Tenderised meat with nice flavours, mixed with a soft boiled egg


Ika Ichiyaboshi $18

Grilled Dried Squid with Shichimi Mayo. A decent dish to go with drinks


Mini Okonomiyaki $10

I really like the okonomiyaki. The friend said the one in Osaka tastes better, but I thought this was pretty decent


Yakitori Omakase 7 Pieces $28


The best got to be the tsukuba balls. So tender, juicy and slightly charred, it was my favourite out of the lot! For the adventurous, you can have the chicken heart 😀


Omakase Oden Set (6 pcs) $14

Daikon, Egg, Konnyaku & 3 other selection. The perfect bowl for a cold and rainy day. A very home-cooked dish for the oden lovers in you

I was surprised by the quality of the food here and I would pretty much go back there again. It feels like a good place to hang out after work over small grilled dishes or a glass of sake. I had actually preferred the outlet at 100am for I think there were hits and misses at the other one. Though I would think it can get too noisy at some point in time

The Public Izakaya by Hachi

100am Shopping Centre

100 Tras Street, S(079027)

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