Tokyo Sundubu – Tofu Stew That Warms Your Stomach

The plan was to dine at Tempura Kohaku but since we don’t have the feasibility and patience to wait, we decided to dine at their next door neighbour – Tokyo Sundubu! This place was rather quiet and we have doubts if we should go in. But since we decided to be adventurous.. here goes!

We got the promotion for 2 which includes Edamame Chijimi, 2 Sundubu of our choice and drinks at $51

Edamame Chijimi

This pancake was very interesting. It reminded me of those pasar malam tapioca cake but a slighty thinner and crispier version

Chicken Mushroom Sundubu

We picked the combination of chicken and mushroom with spice level of 3

I have to say, this is perfect for a cold day. Piping hot and not very spicy, it was smooth and very easy to drink. The broth is similar to Korean spicy soup, yet the addition of the tofu gave a different texture. The portion of the chicken was little but they do have other ingredients like seafood which I thought it tasted pretty decent too

Miso Butter Sundubu (Hokkaido Style) $17

Tried another version of the stew with miso butter flavour and spice level of 4

You can taste the butter oil mixed with the broth and addition of corn. I think level 4 is a little too spicy to enjoy the soup. I would still take back level 3 anytime

So is this a Korean or Japanese or fusion dish? Well, the tofu used here is actually collagen-rich Korean tofu stew that found popularity in Japan, and hence found its place in our little red dot. They have a wide variety of options to choose from which I thought it seemed rather interesting to try. I know tofu is a rather subjective dish but I honestly thought this place is under-rated. Even the friend who usually not a fan of tofu likes it. So if you decided to not have tempura, do pop in and give it a try

Tokyo Sundubu

Eat at Seven

3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-312, Suntec City Mall Tower 1, Singapore 038983

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