Wok Master – Newly Opened Zi Char Place at City Square Mall

Wok Master has recently opened its doors at City Square Mall with its specialty in zi char and claypot dishes. The place wasn’t crowded when we went for dinner and is pretty big in terms of size. The menu is pretty extensive and has some interesting dishes but since there were only 4 of us, we can only eat so much


Homemade Lime and Plum $4.50 (cold)

A good thirst quencher, especially if you are ordering curry fish head

Curry Fish Head $28

Love the flavourful curry with its abundance of vegetables. There is only one size for this, and I thought the fish head is a little small. Feels like more of an appetiser than a main for me

Claypot XO Crayfish with Tang Hoon $28 (large)

Ordered one of their signature dishes and I must say this was pretty good. The broth was rich with flavours and slurping it down with the tang hoon was delicious. You can still taste the sweetness of the crayfish in it and the meat was cooked well and succulent

Golden Lemon Chicken $15

The chicken was nicely executed, complemented by the lemon sauce without being too overpowering

Fried Chye Poh Egg $8 (small)

I thought the egg lacked fragrance and fluffiness which was pretty disappointing

Fragrant French Bean $10 (small)

This as well, the french beans lacked fragrance and spicy chopped dried shrimps failed to provide any surprise either. Overall I thought it was meh

To me, I thought the best dish was the crayfish tang hoon. The rest of the dishes were pretty so-so. Perhaps we didn’t order enough in variety to try and so it will not probably be a fair evaluation but I was surprised by the rather small portion as well even if we had ordered large. Though the pricing here is pretty reasonable, I think I still prefer my kopitiam zi char

Wok Master

City Square Mall

#02-51, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539

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