Keisuke Kani King – Say Hello to Crab Broth Ramen

With a slew of ramen outlets under its belt, Keisuke opened their 10th outlet at Cathay cineleisure with their focus now on crab broth ramen. Well with the evolution of food, I guess chefs and their restaurants have to keep up with times. It does sound pretty interesting, with a different take on traditional ramen so I went down for lunch to try

It gets pretty crowded, so either you go early or avoid meal time crowd

It’s my first time spotting this cabbage garlic


And with the keisuke tradition of its free boiled eggs

Honestly, this tasted strange. It tasted like raw beansprouts, but in cabbage form


Crab broth ramen (Clear Soup) with all toppings $17.90

The soup tasted rather mild at first but the flavours did come through in the end with a slightly sweet crab taste. If you would prefer something heavier, I suggest you give this a miss

And I didn’t like the pork belly chasiu. I thought the loin was much better, more tender and flavourful


Spicy Crab Broth Ramen (All Toppings) $19.90

The spicy crab broth ramen on the other hand hit all the right notes. The broth though spicy but you can still taste the subtle crab broth underneath. The pork belly chasiu here was nicely done, charred and tender. Strange, I wonder if they were cooked by different chefs

And the best thing after finishing your meal is to eat another egg, by dropping it into this broth and slurp it together. Oh, so satisfying. But I have to caution I was very thirsty after the meal, like very very very thirsty

This place offers a variety to choose from. The customer next to me was slurping her tsukemen loudly. Keisuke certainly has constantly been trying to keep up with trends and entice their customers to come back with so many different broth to choose from – chicken, pork, fish, crab, lobster. I wonder what’s next. Though the crab ramen was pretty decent, I think I still preferred the traditional pork broth ramen

Keisuke Kani King

Cathay Cineleisure

#01-03 Cathay Cineleisure, 8 Grange Road, S(239695)

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