Mikuni – Serving Lunch Bento & Business Sets

Mikuni at Fairmont Singapore serves 3 different Japanese style of cooking: Teppanyaki, Sushi & Robatayaki, offering a convenient experience for Japanese food lovers. The 150-seater restaurant is helmed by Korean born Chef Moon Kyung Soo that aims to bring the best culinary experience. The friend and I popped by for lunch and I was drawn by its dark interior. The place was packed yet quiet enough as lunch crowd throngs the place for its lunch and business sets

Starter: Salad & Prawn Crackers

The crackers were dusted with a delectable shrimp flavour and these thin slices were just something to munch on while waiting for the mains to arrive, and luckily they did arrive pretty fast

Business Bento $68

Lobster Uni Yaki, Sashimi, Futomaki, Agadeshi Tofu with Turnip Sauce, Takiawase, Miso Soup

I wasn’t particularly blown away by the food. Sashimi was fresh and sweet, maki and lobster were decent

Uminosachi Teppanyaki Set $70

Chawanmushi, Teppanyaki Prawns with Golden Sauce, Scallops, Cod, Vegetables, Garlic Rice, Miso Soup

I thought the teppanyaki was much better, in terms of execution and flavour. Though the garlic fried rice could do with a little bit more fragrance, I thought the prawns, scallops and cod were pretty well done

Espresso Ice Cream

Dessert came in the form of espresso icecream. The friend was happy cos it was icecream, and I was happy cos it was coffee

The overall experience at Mikuni was alright with expectations higher than expected. I probably wouldn’t make a trip down specially for this, but if I do, I think the teppanyaki would definitely be my pick of the 2


Fairmont Singapore, Level 3

2 Stamford Road, S(178882)

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