Coffee Break – Hipster Coffee at Amoy Food Centre

Located on the second level of the bustling Amoy Street Food Centre, this kopi stall ain’t your usual coffee stall. Serving traditional Hainanese coffee, this stall also introduced flavour lattes to cater to the young crowd, and the queue during lunch just never seems to end


Iced Latte with Sea Salt Mint $4.30

The blend of coffee was pretty smooth but the combination of latte and sea salt mint was appalling. I thought I was drinking toothpaste when the first wave hit my palate. Not that I’m not a fan of mint, but I thought the flavour was too strong and there wasn’t any hint of sea salt. The friend thought her roasted almond was bad, but she concluded mine was worst. lol

Toast with Taro $3

Serving traditional toast with a twist, we tried both their taro and earl grey creme

Toast with Earl Grey Creme $3

The earl grey one was better. We like the toast was thin, crisp and fragrant with a slight burnt taste

I think this place might be a little too hip for us. I understand the need to constantly improve and innovate to keep up with the changing food trends and the fight to keep hawker spirit alive. But I think, I still prefer the traditional latte anytime

Coffee Break

Amoy Street Food Centre

7 Maxwell Road, #02-78, S(069111)

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