Tak Po Dim Sum – Affordable Homestyle Cantonese Dim Sum

Tak Po dim sum is a place I grew up eating, possibly cos my parents frequent there often. It is a no-frill dim sum restaurant, similar to what you see in a typical Hong Kong dim sum restaurant with the shouting and busy-ness in a compact environment, and you could just see the kitchen with chefs preparing the food inside

I never knew this place was this popular. But over time I realized there seemed to be an increased amount of foreigners that visit this establishment

Har Gao $3

In a haste of snapping, I forgot about the siew mai. Both har gao and siew mai were nicely done with plump and juicy filling and skin thin and tasteful

Chicken Feet $3.30

The parents’ favourite dim sum dish

Mushroom Chicken $2.80

A very home-cooked dish, with an impactful taste of garlic filled with sweetness of chicken

Beancurd Skin Roll in Oyster Sauce $3.00

The texture of the skin was smooth and infused with oyster sauce though I think the filling can be more proportioned

Rice Roll with Prawns $3.80

Pan Fried Carrot Cake $1 per piece

Execution was there, but flavour-wise was nothing outstanding

Prawn Dumpling $4.50

Honestly, I think their prawn dumplings paled in comparison to many dim sum places I’ve tried. The skin is a little too thick for my liking

Baked Egg Tarts $1.30 per piece

I like Tak Po’s version on egg tart, with the custard eggy, smooth and creamy and the crust without being too dry

Custard Bun $1.30 per piece

I thought the custard buns were disappointing even though it was star-ed on their menu. The best part of a custard bun is watching the custard flow out, but I think they have too little custard in this case

Pig Liver Congee $6.00

The congee was very much Cantonese-style congee, smooth and flavourful though the pig liver was a little hard

Perhaps I have tried too many dim sum places such that I don’t think the dim sum here is as awesome anymore. Even my mum agrees with me on that. Though for the prices, I think it is probably one of the more affordable dim sum places you can find in Chinatown, for the spread and rather decent quality

Tak Po Dim Sum

42 Smith Street, S(058954)

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