Charcoal Pit – Rooftop Grill Restaurant in CBD

The friend suggested having dinner at Charcoal Pit cos we needed somewhere quiet on a Friday night and given this place is located at an unexpected place, crowd is thinner. Well, the location isn’t the most ideal given located at the rooftop of Realty Centre which you take a creaking old school lift worrying if it will break down anytime, to the 11th floor where corners are dark and unexpected and then you climb one floor up the rooftop, anticipating if anyone will come out to scare you. It makes the perfect scenario for a horror movie, no kidding. Oh, did I mention the carpark is a little dodgy too? And so you wonder what kind of restaurant makes its operation here

I’m glad the inside is just bright and cheery

Chilli Cheese Fries $11

The fries are triple fried, which makes it super crispy. A very addictive bowl of chilli cheese fries, with homemade chilli sauce

Drunken Meatballs Braised in Embers $21

The stew was awesome and full of flavours. The meatballs were a little dry so I recommend it dip it in the sauce before eating


Served with warm tossed fusilli

I thought the meatballs would shine well on its own. The pairing of the fusilli was rather confusing

The Charcoal Pit Burger $15

A rather decent and well-cooked burger with buns tasted of charcoal

Pork Ribs (St Louis) $22

The ribs were nicely done, very tender and marinated well

Flat Iron Wood-Fired Steak (200g) $53

Even though the meat was seared well, but the texture was too chewy and the steak was served slightly lukewarm. It felt like the steak had sat for too long

We ordered a bottle of wine as well, just cos we wanted to chill there but it turned out to be the worst decision ever. Definitely not a place for wine and steaks. I wouldn’t mind going back if I wanted somewhere quiet for dinner (there’s really nobody), but I think there are other places that do equally decent burgers and fries (or even better)

Charcoal Pit

#12-00 Realty Center, 15 Enggor St, S(079716)

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