PasarBella @ Suntec City – A Bigger Space, A Different Concept

The second outlet of PasarBella is quite different in terms of concept. It is funkier, vibrant and nothing like the first outlet at Turf city. Being located at centralised Suntec, it is definitely more convenient to get to and has a different set of vendors. Now you probably wonder what’s there. Well, I think the most popular option gotta be Cajun On Wheels, a Louisiana-style seafood that is halal certified. Other vendors also include Grillo, Rollie Ollie, Wolf Burgers, Mad Dog Grills, Pimp My Salad just to name a few

Filled with street art and popping colours and everything that screams loud


Coffee from Sarnies $5

Truffle Short Rib Bowl $14.90

The truffle short rib bowl from Grilllo was a definite favourite. Short rib cooked perfectly with the fragrance of crispy garlic and truffle topped with a runny yolk. It was simply delicious

KPOP $12.90

Fusion sushi roll of kimchi and crab meat from Rollie Ollie. It felt like eating a combination of flat rice, seaweed and kimchi. Nothing really impressive. Probably better to get something else

Choo Choo Set $12.90

From Choo Choo chicken brings you a set consisting of 2 drumlets, 2 wings, seafood rice, side lettuce and seaweed soup. Chose the chicken with honey soy marinade and I like the combination of the saltiness yet with a subtle honey taste. I thought the seaweed rice was pretty interesting. Innovative, with a nice fragrance of seaweed to it

Pimp My Salad $14.50

Well it’s called pimp my salad for a reason cos you get to choose your own toppings. My only suggestion is don’t go during dinner cos most of their ingredients would be sold out by then. And their service is a little slow. So you need a lot patience when ordering this

Dinner crowd seems to be heavier and what I notice was most go for Cajun on Wheels, which makes waiting for available tables even more challenging given longer waiting time.  So if you would like, perhaps having lunch on weekdays seem like a much better idea. Still, the variety of food to choose from doesn’t seem to lack, and I think you can still find one that fit your palate when you are there


#01-455, 3 Temasek Boulevard, S(038983)


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