Redpan – Local Flavours with Many Surprises

Redpan, a collaboration between DP architect and Grub (yes, the bishan park Grub) brings us their collaboration at Marina Square. A concept of design x food, the place is certainly tasteful with beautiful interior and furnishing and a full turnout with many reservations on a Wednesday night speaks volume about this promising place

Located at the new wing, you have to walk in to find the hidden restaurant


Lavender Earl Grey $5

Infused with the beautiful Earl Grey, you can taste the fragrance of the black tea with a touch of sweetness


Gula Melaka Lemongrass $5

Char Siew Chilli Fries $7

Fries with housemade char siew ragout, sour cream and jalapeño sauce

I thought the fries were a little overcooked and the char siew ragout disappointing. The flavours don’t really stand out, though it somewhat get kind of addictive

Truffle Floss Fries $8

Fries with truffle aioli, chives & chicken floss

The fries topped with chicken floss were better, possibly cos you can taste the truffle which was evenly distributed with the crunchy and sweet floss

Spicy Fried Chicken Wings $8

The wings with their house special chilli sauce was spicy and provided much kick for those who love spicy food, and the wings well fried and crispy

‘Lup Cheong’ Macaroni & Cheese $14

A well excuted dish with the spotlight on the lup cheong, tasty and delicious, ending with a sweet and salty aftertaste

Prawn & ‘Hae Bi Hiam’ Pasta $16

The tagliatelle was well cooked in a creamy sauce mixed with the spicy hae bi hiang

Hainanese Pork Cutlet $13

I like how well cooked and tender the pork cutlet was, dipped in sweet housemade gravy that gave a contrasting balance and the batter light and crisp

Steak & Chinchalok $22

The steak was probably the most disappointing dish, served lukewarm. The meat was rather chewy and even though I think the chinchalok sauce added some flavours, the combination didn’t provide fireworks

Ondeh ondeh $4

I really like their ondeh ondeh cake, with each bite soft, (not-too) sweet and crunchy. It’s the perfect rendition of ondeh ondeh, in a cake form

Banana Donuts ‘Milo Dinosaur’ $7

A slight banana taste, the donuts were well fried, rolled around in our all-time favourite milo crumb, drizzled in a sweet layer of condensed milk and topped with crunchy hazelnuts

Teh Halia Creme Brulee $7

I thought the taste of teh halia could be stronger, even though such balance would be perfect for those who won’t want their dessert to be outshone by the taste of ginger. The crust of the creme brulee was crackling and beautifully caramelized though I thought the custard was a little too watery

I think Redpan stands out for being innovative, while retaining flavours that we are all familiar with. Also, coupled with a convenient location and reasonable pricing, it gives another reason to visit this restaurant. I think it is difficult to find a place that is accessible, reasonably priced and serving decent food but Redpan might just hit all the above in one of the newest opening this year


6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-03/04 Marina Square, S(039594)

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