Burp Kitchen & Bar – Bar Grub in Bedok Reservoir

The friend wanted to try their salted egg yolk chicken wings and so brought us to this place at Bedok Reservoir which was supposed to open at 11am. At 5 minutes to 11am, the place was pitch black. At 11am, the place was still silent black with no signs of humanity. ‘Huh? Isn’t it supposed to open at 11am? Or they are closed today?’ asked everyone. So we decided to call them to ask, only to be told they will be a little late. Okay, for a restaurant with no punctuality, that is so much of a first impression. I mean by practice, shouldn’t staffs go earlier to prepare the shop for opening, or at the very least from my experience, that was what I did

First in the house!

Wasabi Tofu Fries $8

The tofu sticks were pretty decent, but I think the mayo was a little too overpowering and overwhelming

Salted Egg Wings $14

A dish that looks so much better than it tastes. The salted egg lack the fragrance and saltiness and the wings were slightly undercooked

Grown-up Mac & Cheese $12

The friend wanted to feed the kid, only to end up with an over cheesy and heavy flavoured mac and cheese, which the kid could not eat

Blueberry Pancakes $8

Oh, macdonalds does it so much better. That’s the remark made by everyone, which was really kinda sad. I think the pancakes lack the fluffiness and were slightly under-seasoned

The Weekender $16

This dish was full of salt. The mushrooms tasted sour (and salty), the pork sausage was really salty, and the rosti though well-cooked and crisp was really salty too. I think the only dish that fared well on its own was the egg

Smoked Salmon Bagel-to-Croissant $13

It was supposed to be smoked salmon bagel but the waitress informed us they had stopped ordering bagels. Hmm, okay, maybe you would like to change your menu? The croissant was limp and unimpressive, and the smoked salmon was taking too much limelight on its own

Mushroom Melt $10

The mushroom melt was decent, but the toast was a little too overdone and burnt. And the side of tomato soup tasted like campbell!

The Man-wich $14

Which took a freaking one hour to come. And on top of that, they had forgotten this order. Slow-cooked BBQ pulled pork which was a little too heavy on the flavours. The toast was less charred, but still overly crispy and dry

It was a disappointing visit from start to finish and thus we never even bothered with desserts. Food was over-seasoned and over-executed, and the drinks were unimpressive as well. I appreciate that the staffs wanted feedback from us, but we deflected with questions on our own because we were quite frustrated already. So eventually I told him, the food is average. And with my back turned, the friend was like, huh?! average! the food was very bad please! So well, I wish them all the very best, in this already saturated cafe industry

Burp Kitchen & Bar

#01-3165, Blk 740 Bedok Reservoir Road, S(470740)

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