Mad About Sucre – Spring Collection 2016

I know I’m a little late to be talking about Spring now, given Summer is just right round the corner, but well, better late than never right? I finally found time to revisit Mad About Sucre to try their spring cakes this season and was treated to 4 new ones

A Compter du Printemps $11.80

Story behind this was the first sign of spring is usually the appearance of strawberry buds and hence the use of strawberry cream and raspberries to recreate the inspiration. You can taste the chill of the cake with light lemon mousse, Turkish cream topped on almond sponge cake with almond crisp which gels all the elements perfectly

Pairing with white French peony with Cambodian lemongrass

Saveurs de Printemps $11.80

I love how smooth the French earl grey apricot mousse is, smoothed with rose petals to round out the edges of the the Earl grey. Using savoire sponge as the base, you can find the element of blood orange & grapefruit insert when you slice the cake through

A very delightful piece with the right notes of earl grey, and a different taste when you eat it with the chocolate chantily cream

La Normande $13.80

Inspiration came from North Western France where they are famous for Granny Smith apples. This dessert comprises of caramelised normandy, almond cream, chantilly cream, tahiti vanilla cream on a short pastry. The apples were sweet, sour and tarty which goes well with the buttery pastry

Cambodian honeycomb with mangosteen, an absolute favourite of mine. It was a light white tea with an impactful mangosteen sweetness

Piece Montee $13.80

Translated as mounted pieces where such desserts were meant for royals in the past, but has since progressed to be used at French weddings and baptism. Made using french choux pastry, it reminded me of cream puff, but a smaller version decorated with French caramel. The bottom layer is filled with mascarpone vanilla cream while the top is puffed with Japanese matcha cream, separated by almond sable. It’s sweet, and might be too sweet for some, but it’s a beautiful piece of art and recommended to be shared


Dutch rose with lychee, another tea that goes very well with the cakes. You can sense the fragrance and the sweetness without being overwhelmed by the cakes

For you with a sweet tooth, if any of these cakes interest you, do head down to try their Spring collection before the end of the month. I heard their Summer cakes are gonna be released soon. I really like the first two cakes for the smoothness and flavours though the last two were different in terms of structure. I’m excited to see what new cakes they will be having soon

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road, S(088334)

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