Cafe Pal – Dreaming of That Coconut Cake

Cafe Pal situated along Middle road is a cafe I had patronised many times before (but never got down to reviewing it). They used to have a different name but the food and drinks still remain since the owner who owns Cafe Pal also owns Yhingthai Palace so the food at Pal comes from there

Only the first floor is opened to public for dining so it could fit a sizeable crowd


Lychee Tea $12

I used to love their lychee tea but somehow I felt the taste wasn’t right this time I went. It felt rather bland with not much lychee taste

Thai Style Otah $8

Rather cute they presented their otah in an escargot plate. I thought the otah wasn’t special. The texture felt more like fish cake though there was a little kick from the spices

Fried Wings $8

The wings were disappointing. I had expected the flavours to be more punchy and packed with spices but somehow they were rather ordinary


Tom Yum Noodles $9

It wasn’t spicy. It felt more like a comforting bowl of noodle soup, served with hard wanton

Phad See-Eu Fried Rice with Pork $12

I thought the rice fared a little better with the fragrance though it was a little on the salty side

Pal’s Coconut Cake $5

But I guess what saved all was this slice of coconut cake. It was so delicious with the fragrance and sweetness of coconut I was tempted to have another slice

Not too sure if it was a meal gone wrong or I just happened to go on a wrong day. But Cafe Pal is one place to consider if you need somewhere quiet to have a good long chat with your friends with some food and drinks options. I would still go back for that slice of wonderful coconut cake and if I need some peace and quietness

Cafe Pal 

43 Middle Road #01-00, S(188952)

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