Miss Lok – Not Your Usual Hotpot Restaurant

Miss Lok is a very interesting place, with a concept so fusion and diverse the friends and I were rather amused at the end of our dinner. The location wasn’t hard to get to since being located a walkable distance from the mrt station, though searching for the restaurant in the area took some time, cos we were not very familiar with. The place wasn’t crowded when we reached with only a few tables occupied. Interior feels a little night club-ish, yet with cantonese music playing softly in the background. In short, Miss Lok serves hotpot, with ingredients in lok lok style

The lok lok conveyor belt

Lok lok sticks

White $1 / Blue $2 / Red $3 / Black $4

You can just pick whichever you want and if you want the items to be fried, just hand the sticks over to the staffs. If not, just bring the sticks back to the table

The sauce station, where you can concoct your own sauce


Ice Water $1/bottle

Water is chargeable at $1/bottle though refillable

(From Top left) Singapore Laksa, Bak Kut Teh, Tom Yum $8/pax

Each person has to choose their own broth and it comes in 4 portion in a pot

Sake Infused Asari Clams $8 per pax

So we kinda have to play musical chairs when the pot arrived cos we don’t know where our chosen base will be placed at


Pouring sake into the broth

The broth tastes clear and light, infused with the taste of sake though the clams were pretty tough to chew on

The bak kut teh was wonderfully delicious. I’ll recommend this if you can’t decide, or the sinful laksa that tasted so good as well


Signature Salted Egg Yolk $2/bowl

Just cos anything salted egg yolk is in trend these days, we ordered one to try

Sweet Potato Fries with Salted Egg Dip $10

But on hindsight, it was a mistake since we didn’t realise the sweet potato fries came with it as well. Anyway, the dip was okay. You can give it a miss. The fries were pretty decent and act as a good munching snack

Battered Kang Kong with Miss Lok Special Dip $10

Thai style fried kang kong, so crisp and crunchy though a little oily

And the items we sent to deep fried. The sausage wrapped with bacon roll is one highly recommended to be sent to the fryer

And so are the takopachi balls

And for the rest of the (unidentified) items

Meat Lovers Platter $36

Ribeye, Striploin slices, Pork Collar Slices, Pork Belly Slices, Chicken Slices

The pork is better than the beef. I think the latter is a little tough and doesn’t have the smoothness of a beef slice

And they gave me a birthday coconut (LOL)

We were sitting there waiting cos we had already ended our dinner. Then one of the waiter approached and informed us they were searching for the birthday candle cos they had to go to the temple to get it. You can see everyone’s reaction was too shocked to reply

He was just kidding.

Mango Sticky Rice $8

which was filled with mango sticky rice!

The mango sticky rice was really delicious by the way. Rice is cooked so smooth and soft, blended with the sweet mango and vanilla icecream and covered with the sweet coconut meat

It feels more Thai-centric kind of place, with the servers being Thai in general as well but yet with a fusion cuisine. Honestly, I can’t figure their selling point other than it is one of a kind hotpot place. The quality isn’t the best but they do decent variety, and I think they seem to fare better in their side dishes. Given they only opened end of last year, they are still pretty new. Hopefully, such concept will play off for them

Miss Lok

#01-01, 5 Magazine Rd, S(059571)

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