What To Eat At Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre

The Bukit Panjang hawker centre opened few months ago with much fanfare due to the promise that the hawker centre will have longer operational hours and also price ceilings for at least two basic meals. Managed by NTUC foodfare, the place hosts 28 stalls with a variety to suit everyone. And with such wide variety to choose from, let us see what are some delicious food you can find there

Stall 1: Kimly Seafood; Nonya Fishhead

We love the tangy nonya sauce with enough balance of spice and acidity, plus the perfectly cooked fish that goes well with the sauce

Stall 1: Kimly Seafood; Honey Pork Ribs

The honey coffee pork ribs were beautifully marinated and the meat was tender, infused with the sweet honey taste

Stall 2: Bukit Panjang Chicken Rice; Roasted Chicken Rice

Though many preferred the Ayam Panggang, I thought the roasted chicken rice was pretty decent with crispy chicken skin, tender chicken meat and fragrant rice

Stall 5: Habib Saralndian Muslim Food; Indian Rojak

The Indian rojak was definitely one of the crowd favourite, with the dipping sauce a winning recipe

Stall 6: Ah Bang Teh Tarik; Teh Tarik

Do not miss the teh tarik from Ah Bang Tek Tarik. Silky warm thick tea flavour running through your palate without being too sweet


Stall 7: Bee Hwa Handmade Pau Tim; Big Pau

The pau may look thick, but once you bite through the soft silky bun, it is a different texture. And I love how flavourful and soft the meat is


Stall 10: Yu Kee Duck and Noodles; Kway Chap

Yu Kee is not an unfamiliar brand. The bowl of kway is silky soft and the plate of intestines are cooked with much awesomeness

Stall 14: Roasted Delights; Dumpling Noodle

Springy egg noodles that reminds you of a slice of Hong Kong, it is worth a try

Stall 15: Like Pudding; Cheng Teng

Best dessert to wash down your oily hawker food. Light and sweet, it is a delightful treat

Stall 17: Saigon Food Street; Mango Salad

Something different from your usual hawker fare, the mango salad springs a refreshing and appetising taste

Stall 18: Oh! Juice; Avocado Milk

Creamy, silky, icy avocado milk. It was so good we couldn’t stop

Stall 19: Tian Tian Nasi Lemak; Nasi Lemak

Loosely cooked fragrant coconut rice with crispy ikan bilis and sweet, spicy chilli sauce, Tian Tian nasi lemak is one stall not to be missed

Stall 21: Sakura Congee & Chicken Rice; Deep Fried Chicken Drumstick Rice

Something different from your usual chicken rice, the garlic was fried with tumeric to give that fragrance, topped with crispy chicken and their home made chilli sauce, it was pretty delicious

Stall 22: 盅仔蒸饭; Black Herbal Chicken Soup

The soup was infused with the herbal chicken to create the light and flavourful taste

Stall 23: Father & Son; Fried Kway Teow

The fried kway teow is immersed with the wok hei taste and mixed with chilli to give enough kick. Noodles were nicely done and the cockles were fresh and meaty

The best thing about hawker fare is there is no lack of variety, and the reasonable pricing at Bukit Panjang hawker centre gives another reason to visit. Hopefully this list may entice you to visit the newly opened hawker centre and help keep our hawker heritage going

From now till 30 June, you can vote for your favourite stall at Bukit Panjang hawker centre to win ‘Residents & Foodies choice award’. Do check out http://www.foodfare.com.sg for more details 🙂

Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre

259 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, S(671259)

Thanks to Vivian and NTUC Foodfare for the invite!

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